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AT&T Announces New Data Plans, New Ways to Screw You Over

Overall if you ask me if I’m happy with the changes to the data plans, I’d say yes. There’s only two problems I have.

1. The Tethering Convenience Fee

You’re paying for 2GB of data, right? AT&T should not care how you use it, or how fast. PERIOD. If tethering gave you another 5GB because you’re using more data, sure, but it doesn’t. They’re just charging you more for the same 2GB because they’re greedy fuckers that do not care about their customers.

2. The iPad Bait and Switch

Remember the “Magical Device” that came with unlimited internet for $30/month ? Well they cut the price to $25 but “Unlimited” is now 2GB. So basically they just increased the price by infinity. In fact, lets be nice to AT&T and say that the $30 only gave you 5GB of data, in that case they took away more than half of your data allotment, and cut the price by a measly $5. Thank you AT&T, thank you very much. I was being sarcastic, I hate you with the fire of a thousand hells.

My only thoughts are that maybe, just maybe, Apple has a way to rectify this before June 7th during the WWDC keynote. I mean, I cant imagine Steve Jobs being happy with this considering AT&T is the only option for people who buy one of his fancy 3G iPads.

Update: I totally missed John Gruber’s take on this, same as mine. (link)

Version Five (preview)

In the past year an a half I have really been updating this site more and more. Sometimes I go a few weeks without updating and sometimes I update too often, but I always think of what can I be posting on the site and how can the site be a reflection of who I am.

I also like a place to show some of my work. I keep trying to get some public projects released, much like the Google Voice Notification script (which is sadly probably way broken now).

I show you part of the header now of what I’m working on, hopefully it will be to everyone’s liking once it’s done.


Two days ago something funny happened. I setup on Pingdom, a service that routinely pings my site to let me know when there’s possible down time. That night, as if I had signed up for a test DDoS to try out the service, the Apache threads ate through the ram on my server and started thrashing (writing to swap, therefore making everything super slow).

Pingdom notified me of this and I kind of ignored it at first. The site was down twice that night. The first time for 1h 40m, the second for about 30 minutes. I personally stopped the server the second time as I configured a tighter memory allocation for Apache.

It’s been my first day with the monitoring turned on and it’s already helped me identify a problem and alerted me to the first time that said problem has manifested itself.

I’m going to set this up with a twist for the properties at work, I’m that impressed.

Plans are $9.99/month for 5 sites or $39.99 for 30. Those two plans come with a seven day free trial. They also offer a single site solution for free, which is the one I am using.

Sorry for the downtime, you can thank Pingdom for alerting me. If you want to check them out theyre over at

Growing Up

I found a disk labeled ‘Summer 2002 pictures’ amongst my things back home as I was trying to find anything of importance I could salvage. What I found there was incredible. Not only have I not seen many of these people since that summer, but that summer was really a big turning point in what would end up being me. Whatever it is that I am.

I'm Evil, That's Why

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I officially moved from HostGator to SliceHost this morning. If you see anything working strangely that would be why. Please let me know if that happens, I’ll update it.

For those of you who dont know SliceHost is a Virtual Private Server hosting company that allows you full root access to a ‘slice’ and guarantees CPU time. This change was a long time comming and you’ll see the reason for it in the next few weeks ;)

Morouxshi v4 (aka 2009) – now kind of live

Every few years I get tired of a design or I just decide that what I want to do with the site is going somewhere that the current design is really not allowing me to do. This is one of those times.

My old design was niceĀ  but it was constricting and did not really allow me to move in any direction that I wanted. I wanted to bring in my feeds from around the internet in an easier manner. I wanted to be able to provide readers with more insight into everything that really goes on, so that when I randomly write a rant about a subject they wouldn’t be caught off guard.

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