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Ghost of PHP Frameworks Past

At work we’ve been discussing standardizing around a framework. There are so many to choose from, we’ve been having some introductions to a few of them by the people who know them best. I presented on Smarty. Smarty isnt a “framework”, but it is the part I want to keep.

Actually, I guess I should start at the beginning. As I was learning to code, when I had nothing to do, I built a framework.

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Google Wave invites

I have 2 Google Wave invites to give out. Post a comment and I’ll pick two people at random from there for them. I’ll check the comments on this thread Friday night (Oct 2).

The invites are not automatic, I’ll just be putting your name on the nomination box and you’ll get an invite soon after that (a day or two most likely). If you get a invite, and get more invites from them, please post here so we can start a chain going!

Custom Icon with the WordPress Wordbook Plugin for Facebook

Screen shot 2009-08-27 at 2.36.00 AM

Just a small note, If you switch the Facebook API Key and Secret from Wordbook’s to your own personal applications’. You can select what icon the post will show.

You also need to update the template_id. Here is how I did it:

Primary One Line Template
{*actor*} updated <a href=””></a>
Primary Short Story Template Title
<a href=””></a> : <a href=”{*post_link*}”>{*post_title*}</a>
Primary Short Story Template Body
Action Links
read more – {*post_link*}

Drawback from this for the Wordbook guys is that they loose control of their app analytics and they cant track how many users are using it so make sure you make a donation to the guys for their efforts. Just a FYI though. It’s what I did :)

My, Very Personal, Watchmen Review

After watching the movie I decided I was not going to talk about it, but since everybody feels like they must weigh in, my silence seems disapproving… so here it is.

I’ve read the novel about three times. I don’t consider myself a ‘fanboy’ but I really enjoyed it and its themes and it is everything I want in a super hero story. How do these new powers affect your sense of humanity? If you don’t have powers how do you justify your ‘caped crusader’ persona and once you’ve been doing it for a while, how do you deal with not being able to do it anymore?

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What I’m Building

I really love my ‘live feed’ on the right here. It is actually Evan Sims’ FriendFeed Activity Widget. Sadly I think I’ve been hitting the limit of what it can do for me and I just want to point out what I will be working on in the next few days, after my first project for Solution Nine is out the door.

  • Shorten Links
    I love knowing when my links get clicked on, therefore I want all my links to be shortened by
  • Backup My Images
    I want all my picture uploads to Twitter, to have a small preview on the site as part of my Live Feed, this would also be a great opportunity for it to be uploaded to my Flickr account. So I want it to do that.
  • Reduce Redundant Linking
    I need my Live Feed to know when not to post a Twitter update, so the Live Feed widget will also be the one to post to Twitter when I create a new blog post.
  • Integrate with Lightwindow
    If I have a link coming in from YouTube I want to show a little screenshot of the video and if you click on it I want it to open a lightwindow box to play the video. I don’t want to lose my traffic to YouTube, they already get enough of that. I’ll include a link under the image to go to the YouTube page.
  • Help Me Monetize
    My blog is a work of love. I get nothing for running the blog and it costs me a few bucks a year to maintain it. If I link to an item I’d love for my widget to automatically update the link to my affiliate link on those sites. I’m pretty sure others would appreciate it too once the widget is public.

If you have any other ideas for the widget please let me know. I’m pretty sure those features I’ve listed cover my wish-list in a plugin, but probably not everybody’s. The widget will obviously be open-source and available through the WordPress website once it is released. I just wanted to jot my thoughts down and hopefully get some feedback. This project still does not have a name.

Freelancing in a Post-Financial Appocalypse World and You

I got back into FFXI and while I keep enjoying it I decided to quit for a simple reason.

I’m going to be self sufficient this year.

In this economy you can never have too much work and to be honest to a freelancer this is a goldmine. This might sound difficult to believe but its I’ll share with you a few tips about freelancing today.

What can I expect?

Expect competition. Furious competition. Maybe you still have your job, maybe you don’t but I can assure you many of your comrades are out on the streets and just like you would have fierce competition for a full-time job right now, expect a lot of competition for contract jobs. You’re going to need to be faster, cheaper (I’ll explain in a minute), and better than all of them. You achieve this by picking your battles and by befriending as many people as you can. Most of my gigs come from friends I’ve made along the way that can’t take a project for some reason or that need assistance with a project they have already taken on.

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Changes coming

I have heard your problems when using smaller screens that the ad to the left makes the post unreadable, I have a solution and it will be implemented soon. Additionally, the site should now be updating Twitter every time there’s a new post.

I am also going to start a ‘projects’ page, so that people can see what it is that I am talking about instead of me having to explain it to them one by one. The promised coding tutorials are also on the way. I’ll update you guys soon on the progress.

Do not forward this

A few days ago I was asked to organize a document that detailed why a certain partner of ours was having problems. and how we could fix those problems for them. The problem we’ve been having is that their system seems to have some serious limitations and we are trying to work around it. I have no idea what exactly they have in their back end other than they use ASP (no, not .NET, VBScript) and the relationship has turned sour because we keep asking for more information and there doesn’t seem to be any more.

Let me remind you, the report I was asked to write was completely made up.
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