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Remember the scene in The Social Network where Eduardo wanted to monetize only to be shut down by Mark and Sean? They argued that it would loose its cool and they were nothing if not cool.

Yeah, thats the Quick Bar right now. A huge drain of Twitter’s cool.

Apple Subscriptions

Today Apple announced their new subscription service. Basically if you offer a service which requires a monetary transaction, you have to go through Apple. Apple takes a 30% cut.

I tend to agree with Steve Jobs on ease of use, and a one-click subscription is really convenient… But… 30%… for credit card processing? That’s ridiculous.

I mean, they host apps. They do approvals and things like that, but they do nothing for Netflix. They do nothing for Hulu. They’re going to strong-arm 30% of their monthly subscriptions, or pull the apps out of the app store?

How is that good for the consumer?

On the bright side… Deadline is June 30th. I guess we know when iOS 5 will be coming out.


The hardest part of any project is knowing when to call it done. I’m getting to the point where I should just decide what done means and works towards that. Just a thought.

Enter Diaspora*

Yesterday a group of NYU students released the codebase to Diaspora. Immediately afterwards I started reading articles calling it too little, too late. Articles that go on to point out that Facebook has too many users to let anything get past it. I think that this is quite shortsighted and just dismissing Diaspora is a mistake, a very big mistake actually. Diaspora, as I see it, is the social network on which other social networks will be built. Maybe it wont be Diaspora, maybe it’ll be Appleseed, maybe itll be something else. The truth remains however: Open, distributed social networks will have a big part in our future.
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I Switched To *nix, I’m a Mac

I am always amused when people ask me when will Linux will be ready for the desktop and why has open source software not taken off. I am amused because for the past 4 years I have been using a Mac and OS X is Unix Certified. I am amused because I’ve been using an iPhone and that too has it’s underpinnings in unix (Steve claimed that it was based on OS X I think that is pushing it.) I am amused because I’m typing this on a device that sold 1 million units in 28 days and nobody thought they needed it 60 days prior.

Open Source software is here, it has been here, and it is the future.

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Meebo for iPhone

I was just about ready to call this one vaporware.

On monday Meebo released their client for iPhone. They had announced this well over a year ago during the iPhone OS 3.0 preview event saying how they needed Push Notifications to do what they really wanted to do. The first time they presented the app for aproval was last week.

After using it for a few days I am willing to replace my copy of AIM with it. The colors are very light and it feels inviting to type. The client can save and read your history online, this is what I thought even Trillian was missing (on the mac at least, never tried to play with the iPhone version).

My biggest problem with it so far is that it still doesn’t have metacontacts. Hopefully that’s coming sooner, rather than later.

While I’ve been waiting for this App for a while, it has outdone my expectations. The other mobile IM applications have been put on notice… specially the $10+ dollar ones.

Mozilla dislikes h.264

I agree with the Mike on this one and I think that it is important that there’s a company out there that is trying to get us to find a suitable standard. Sadly this also means that HTML5 does not have a video standard. Apple and Google have put all their eggs in the h.264 basket, they should really get MPEG-LA to come up with better licensing terms for small producers and browser manufacturers. If h.264 is the future of video on the web, they’d have a big win on their belt.

Source: Slashdot


Two days ago something funny happened. I setup on Pingdom, a service that routinely pings my site to let me know when there’s possible down time. That night, as if I had signed up for a test DDoS to try out the service, the Apache threads ate through the ram on my server and started thrashing (writing to swap, therefore making everything super slow).

Pingdom notified me of this and I kind of ignored it at first. The site was down twice that night. The first time for 1h 40m, the second for about 30 minutes. I personally stopped the server the second time as I configured a tighter memory allocation for Apache.

It’s been my first day with the monitoring turned on and it’s already helped me identify a problem and alerted me to the first time that said problem has manifested itself.

I’m going to set this up with a twist for the properties at work, I’m that impressed.

Plans are $9.99/month for 5 sites or $39.99 for 30. Those two plans come with a seven day free trial. They also offer a single site solution for free, which is the one I am using.

Sorry for the downtime, you can thank Pingdom for alerting me. If you want to check them out theyre over at

First of the Rebels: Yelp sneaks Augmented Reality to App Store

Screen shot 2009-08-27 at 9.43.43 PM

Apple told everyone that they had to wait until 3.1 for Augmented Reality apps to be approved on the iPhone 3GS. Yelp, did it anyways in the form of an easter egg.

I am so happy about this and at the same time I am having a very severe case of iPhone 3GS envy… I have convinced myself that I do not need the new phone because my 3G is good enough but it is just so cool to see these applications start to leak out.

When Apple announces 3.1 (My bet is during the iPod event that’s been rumored on 9.9.9) all of these little apps are going to take over. I mean remember three years ago when all of the talk was on Jeff Han’s multitouch TED presentation? Then we got the iPhone and it became reality. Then the dream was to have applications to do everything from banking to gaming inside of your little-wonder device. That is now also true. Augmented Reality is just as big of a jump and we are getting right against it now.

Source: Mashable