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Unwatchable – G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

I’ve stayed away from movie reviews for as long as I’ve been able to. This has not been easy considering that I really do watch a lot of movies and I really do love talking about them. Today, while watching some SNL on Hulu I finally decided that I was going to take the “Bitch Pleeze” segment and do it one better. I’m going to actually give reasons why I have no desire to see a specific movie. I never say no to a free movie, so if I end up watching one of the movies that I profile on these posts I’ll come up with an actual review. I will also post Roger Ebert’s review of the films at the bottom after my prediction of how the film does.

Again, I would like to make sure everybody understands, unless otherwise noted, I have not seen these movies. Hopefully these non-reviews save everybody some money or at the very least serves as a well timed ‘I told you so’

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