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AIM, the Trout, Salmon, Coho Screenname and how to stop it

So for the past few weeks I have been bombarded with chat requests from random people. These random people just kind of start a conversation out of nowhere. I posted about one such encounter a few weeks ago. It is technically not spam. It is just random people contacting each other. Turns out it is some kind of online communication experiment called TheGreatHatsby.

TheGreatHatsby looks to start conversations between two random people through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The Bot hides its identity by changing all instances of the user’s names into it’s own name. So if you see a chat log of the conversation every time a user mentioned his/her screen name the Bot would change it to the Bot’s name.

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I wish AIM’s groups meant something

My progression through instant messaging applications has been a long drawn out one. I started, like many did, with ICQ. Sadly that went south about 3 seconds after AOL bought it. It was great because you could meet random people and talk with them without really having to worry about the whole spam issue that is plaguing MSN Messenger (or Windows Live! Messenger, or whatever it is microsoft is calling it these days). That said, I moved to multi-platform messengers rigth after that.

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