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Amazon Recommendations

Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 5.43.12 PM

It might just be me, but Amazon’s recommendations have really been getting better for me. The other day I was looking around and the recommendations were the image above, 500 Days of Summer, Away We Go and Up all in Blu-Ray. I mean, I’m not going to order all three items but I have never had to think so much about not clicking a button.

I remember when looking for ‘babydoll’ would bring up all sorst of baby carriages and sippy cups, glad they’ve stepped it up.

Amazon Wins

As if I needed more of a reason to do all of my shopping at Amazon.com, this is an email I just received:

Watchmen (Directors Cut) (Two-Disc Special Edition + Amazon Digital Bundle + Digital Copy)

Price on order date: $22.99
Price charged at shipping: $18.49
Lowest price before release date: $16.49
Amount to be refunded: $2.00

Total Savings: $6.50

Best part is how there was zero effort on my behalf.