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5 Things Android Needs To Become The Best Platform

After talking to a coworker about his T-Mobile G1 and what he likes/dislikes about it it became clear that the OS has incredible promise. After thinking about it for a bit Android needs to be smarter about its power consumption, just like Mobile OS X is. It needs to be smarter about navigation, like the Palm Pre is. It has to be available everywhere however. It has to be trully Open Source. This is where it will succeed.

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Can we stop talking about the T-Mobile G1?

As I have said in the past, I love me some competition. I want nothing more than for the iPhone to be just one of many devices that can allow me to not carry around a laptop. Full internet, email, video, music, gps/location and a unified clean experience.

Blackberry just released their best phone ever (The Blackberry Bold) and some half-thought out device that kind of does everything but doesnt (The Blackberry Storm). Where is the wi-fi. No, seriously. Where? This is fine however because I believe that Blackberry can get their house in order and make the Storm a way better device through software updates. At the end of the day, it is a Blackberry, It will still have that following and RIM will do whatever it takes for it to succeed.

The T-Mobile G1 however… is a disaster of epic proportions.
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The handset revolution focus turns to Sprint

AT&T has the iPhone, that’s worked out pretty well for them. T-Mobile has the G1, that has also worked out pretty well for them. Turns out that the buzz around these phones and embedded operating systems has made them instant successes. The keyboardless iPhone and the headphone-less (but dongle-full) G1 have each meant millions of new subscribers for their respective companies and these trends will continue to grow as people realize the new power that they are being given. It’s time for Sprint to make a move.

Here is what Sprint has to say: Android is “not yet good enough to put the Sprint brand on”.

I’m sorry, what?

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What to do with the new Netflix API

Yesterday Netflix opened their API to the public, this means that everybody has access to their catalogue of films, not just those who somehow got it working like the creator of iFlix.This is really exciting because as awesome as iFlix is for the iPhone, it opens the door to even better things now that everything is documented. In fact I have a little mash-up I wish somebody out there would make because it would just be awesome.

Basically It combines Shotimes, Movies, iFlix and Amazon. It would let me watch trailers, write reviews and gather reviews from MetaCritic, Netflix, Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes.

The homepage would have featured movies, or top grossing films or whatever you really like, I would personally have the last few reviews from Roger Ebert. Of course, this would all link you to the actual movie’s page where you would have the movie’s poster image, synopsis, reviews from the aforementioned websites, and the ability for you to post a review, to one or all of the review services.

Additionally you could see the trailer for the movie and add it to your queue on Netflix, or even buy it through Amazon.com. If the movie is out in theaters It would use your location to give you showtimes near you like Showtimes does right now. I would personally call it Tinseltown, but since I’m not developing it I guess I have no say.

As an added bonus, I would also add the Endless Movie Quiz from Flixter as a game.

With Netflix finally announcing that a Watch Instantly solution will be out for Mac before the end of the year, this all-inclusive movie app would be the greatest thing since Mel Brook’s History of the World: Part 1.

Yes, it’s good to be the king.