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Meebo for iPhone

I was just about ready to call this one vaporware.

On monday Meebo released their client for iPhone. They had announced this well over a year ago during the iPhone OS 3.0 preview event saying how they needed Push Notifications to do what they really wanted to do. The first time they presented the app for aproval was last week.

After using it for a few days I am willing to replace my copy of AIM with it. The colors are very light and it feels inviting to type. The client can save and read your history online, this is what I thought even Trillian was missing (on the mac at least, never tried to play with the iPhone version).

My biggest problem with it so far is that it still doesn’t have metacontacts. Hopefully that’s coming sooner, rather than later.

While I’ve been waiting for this App for a while, it has outdone my expectations. The other mobile IM applications have been put on notice… specially the $10+ dollar ones.

First of the Rebels: Yelp sneaks Augmented Reality to App Store

Screen shot 2009-08-27 at 9.43.43 PM

Apple told everyone that they had to wait until 3.1 for Augmented Reality apps to be approved on the iPhone 3GS. Yelp, did it anyways in the form of an easter egg.

I am so happy about this and at the same time I am having a very severe case of iPhone 3GS envy… I have convinced myself that I do not need the new phone because my 3G is good enough but it is just so cool to see these applications start to leak out.

When Apple announces 3.1 (My bet is during the iPod event that’s been rumored on 9.9.9) all of these little apps are going to take over. I mean remember three years ago when all of the talk was on Jeff Han’s multitouch TED presentation? Then we got the iPhone and it became reality. Then the dream was to have applications to do everything from banking to gaming inside of your little-wonder device. That is now also true. Augmented Reality is just as big of a jump and we are getting right against it now.

Source: Mashable

Screw the App Store, Dev for Cydia

Ever since I got my first iPhone Ive had it jailbroken. The original reason being that I did not want to extend my AT&T contract. The secondary reason being that I wanted apps on my phone. Remember when Apple said having apps on thr phone could bring down cell towers only to introduce them themselves a few months later?

Well that was then. Now we have the app store and I have purchased more than $50 worth of apps helping Apples profit margins that much more. It is really a shame that I cant justify supporting Apple anymore even though they were the ones that finally cracked the smartphone code. The reason for this is once again AT&T.

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Where is the native Meebo App for iPhone?

When Apple previewed OS 3.0 one of the companies that was on stage to show off push notifications was Meebo. This made it seem that they would be one of the first applications with push when it finally got rolled out.

That was a while ago and there is still no Meebo for iPhone.

Why does this matter when there is AIM and Beejive already? Well AIM has ads, those are a dealbreaker. Theres a pay version without ads but it only has AIM and if im going to pay itd better be more functionality than something that should have been there fron day one (I still chaim iChat should have been a launch app).

So that brings us to Beejive. Im definetly not paying $10 for a chatting app. Im happy that they can get away with that but I dont think thats a reasonable price point. (It used to be $15, totally outrageous.)

Then theres the issue that it just doesnt seem to look good. Call me elitist, but I like my apps to look like they belong and Beejive seems a bit cluttered.

Then theres the free, all-network plus SIP app: Fring

If it had not been designed by a 5 year old I would use it all the time. Oh and whoever decided not to include a dialpad on the sip in-call screen should be taken out back and shot. It makes the application 80% useless, 100% useless if you want to use it with Google Voice since it has prompts for call recording and Listen In.

All in all It boils down to I want the clean interface that they showed in that keynote and transcript sync with the Meebo online service and only Meebo can give me that.

Lies I tell myself to keep hope alive on Google Voice

I lowered my phone plan to the cheapest plan AT&T has to save some money. I’ve been using Google Voice and iSip for a few months now and it works nicely from home and the office.

I never actually purchased GVmobile because I thought that Google would release an official app and it would be free in no time. That app was submitted to the App Store 6 weeks ago. Now we know it was denied. The GVmobile people have said that the Apple statement was that it “Duplicates functionality” with the iPhone… which is complete utter bullshit because the iPhone does not have Google Voice integration and thats all that the App did.

Additionally, if its that the iPhone already has SMS… theres a ton of other Apps they have to ban. Same situation with the dialer, there’s a billion of them already.

Now, last time I remember that they just lied like that to everyone that I can remember this vividly, where a high-profile app got denied access to the App Store was with Podcaster. For the same reason “it duplicates functionality”. This didnt turn to be true, until the next update in which Apple did include very similar functionality straight into the iTunes App. Hopefully this is the same deal and Apple integrates it straight into the phone and while they’re at it they should also enable Google Latitude.

Of course, these things are not likely to happen and they make me wish I had an Android phone. There… I said it.

Sex Offender Locator iPhone App

This app is pretty interesting and probably illegal. The app allows you to search using your GPS location or an address enty field for sex offenders around the location you entered. The premise for the app is that the more information you have the safer you are. While I dont personally really agree with that statement, I can see where theyre coming from.

It shows you the persons address and mugshot in addition to the charges. Although I would argue it should not show the low level offenders like kids that were caught sexting.

The other problem is if this is considered selling public records. Which would make it illegal in some states.

Lets just hope nobody uses this as a ‘hit list’.

I include the iTunes link below:

Offender Locator link : iTunes

Update (08/07/2009) : The application has been pulled from the App Store for ‘legal reasons’. There is a free version that is still on the app store as well as a competing application¬† that seems to still be on sale (Allen pointed this application out in the comments).¬† More about the removal at CNET.

Update (08/10/2009) : The application is back in the app store. Source AppleInsider.

VoIP SIP Client on iPhone App Store

A few days ago I discovered that there was an actual SIP client for the iPhone that was not tied to any specific provider and that had a keypad whenever it was in a call (FRING has some weird splash page, nothing useful). The application is called SipPhone and its from a company called VNET Corp.The main thing here is this is a completely legal VOIP/SIP application on the iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak the phone in order to use it. Because of this, it only works over WIFI and not over EDGE/3G.

The application is $6.99 but honestly, if you have a SIP account ( Gizmo5 provides you with this ) this should open so many doors for you the price should be negligible.

Get it before AT&T complains!

iTunes Store Link
Company Website

Where is my VoIP on iPhone?

The most amazing event to not happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, none of the major networks have a official application. Actually, scratch that, the most amazing event not to happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, there is still no plain SIP application to be released (other than the terribly lacking, do-everything-poorly Fring).

I mean GizmoProject has applications for every other device out there, yet they have not talked about doing a iPhone application. There is incredible demand for such an application specially if it is paired with some sort of multi-ring solution such as the now hidden (dead?) Grand Central. I do not understand why this application is not available. Fring is out, and it has SIP calling, but it inexplicably doesnt have a keypad on the call screen so any of the applications that ask you to press any key are unusable. Calling your bank? Sorry!

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The iTunes Application Store needs a shopping cart. NOW!

It’s way late, I really can barely think and I’m headed to bed since the two things I wanted to do I achieved. Jailbreaking my iPhone with firmware 2.0 and getting the 10x multiplier trophy on Super Stardust HD. Anyways, I am playing with the App store and I notice there are some good apps out there and others that are just a total waste of time (talk about 80/20 rule…). I will actually rant about the non-culators for $0.99 and the incredible lack of originality on icons (go count the number of checkmarks as an icon right now) at a later date.

What I will talk about is the lack of a Shopping Cart and the ridiculous pricing scheme concocted by the people at Apple. I understand why Apple decided against the shopping cart it is not a streamlined process and actually gives people an opportunity to think about the purchase before doing it. That is a big problem if you are trying to sell as many things as possible as -fast- as possible. I deal with user interaction on a everyday basis, I know this. This is about as far as they thought it through however, take a look at this:

All Apps by My Accounts To Go

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