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I Switched To *nix, I’m a Mac

I am always amused when people ask me when will Linux will be ready for the desktop and why has open source software not taken off. I am amused because for the past 4 years I have been using a Mac and OS X is Unix Certified. I am amused because I’ve been using an iPhone and that too has it’s underpinnings in unix (Steve claimed that it was based on OS X I think that is pushing it.) I am amused because I’m typing this on a device that sold 1 million units in 28 days and nobody thought they needed it 60 days prior.

Open Source software is here, it has been here, and it is the future.

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The Jesus Tablet

Today, Apple’s announcement of a tablet device has many believing that they will finally show something that exonerates the tablet form-factor from being a niche product for all these years. There is, however, one group of people who expect salvation from this device: Print.

With a possible 10″ display and multi-touch gestures, I would love to have this device be on my coffee table. I already have a laptop there most of the time and this would be so much better. This brings me back to the problem of print. If the device is basically a $600 glorified e-reader which doesn’t even do the job right because it doesn’t have an e-ink display, then I don’t want it. I don’t read newspapers, I don’t read magazines. I am subscribed to Wired Magazine, but I mainly read it online through their RSS feed. It needs to do more, it needs to blow me away and not just show me how much I can read. Print needs to understand that while I am ok paying for access to information, eventually it will make its way out. The gatekeepers are gone and any artificial ones they put up just prove that they don’t understand and that they deserve to be irrelevant.

With this said, I am more excited about what might be included in the new iPhone OS (4.0 maybe?) and on the new iPhone model they might announce tomorrow.

If its $600 and amazing, I have the money. If it’s more or just a glorified e-reader, I’ll pass. If its subsidized and needs a mobile contract, then you can just forget I even spent any time thinking about the thing. I don’t need more bills.

First of the Rebels: Yelp sneaks Augmented Reality to App Store

Screen shot 2009-08-27 at 9.43.43 PM

Apple told everyone that they had to wait until 3.1 for Augmented Reality apps to be approved on the iPhone 3GS. Yelp, did it anyways in the form of an easter egg.

I am so happy about this and at the same time I am having a very severe case of iPhone 3GS envy… I have convinced myself that I do not need the new phone because my 3G is good enough but it is just so cool to see these applications start to leak out.

When Apple announces 3.1 (My bet is during the iPod event that’s been rumored on 9.9.9) all of these little apps are going to take over. I mean remember three years ago when all of the talk was on Jeff Han’s multitouch TED presentation? Then we got the iPhone and it became reality. Then the dream was to have applications to do everything from banking to gaming inside of your little-wonder device. That is now also true. Augmented Reality is just as big of a jump and we are getting right against it now.

Source: Mashable

Screw the App Store, Dev for Cydia

Ever since I got my first iPhone Ive had it jailbroken. The original reason being that I did not want to extend my AT&T contract. The secondary reason being that I wanted apps on my phone. Remember when Apple said having apps on thr phone could bring down cell towers only to introduce them themselves a few months later?

Well that was then. Now we have the app store and I have purchased more than $50 worth of apps helping Apples profit margins that much more. It is really a shame that I cant justify supporting Apple anymore even though they were the ones that finally cracked the smartphone code. The reason for this is once again AT&T.

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Thoughts on Tuesday’s Apple Notebook Event

I guess I should just have to place this image and move on. It should be sufficient.

John Gruber from DaringFireball got it 100% right. My predictions were not too bad either, but he was just spot on.

The main thing here is the change in manufacturing process. They are leaving a lot of things open for the future. I personally like the choice of the Mini Display Port instead of an HDMI slot. HDMI is a secured architecture that requires you to pay royalties and is basically created just so that applications have permission from the MPAA to play your content. I am not a fan of this. Apple is basically marking a line in the sand, saying computers are here, media centers are there.

Like always leave it to Apple to not try and do a all-in-wonder product. That is why I like them. My new MacBook Pro will be here next week and I can’t be any more excited. I recommend you step by Daring Fireball and read Gruber’s post on why Apple didn’t release a $899 laptop, its worth the read.

How to open an iTunes account without a credit card

It used to be the way to open an iTunes account without a credit card was with PayPal, sadly since they started doing contract agreements trying to do this leads you to an error message.

Then there was the App Store way. If you make sure you are in the iTunes App Store you could select log in, then create an account and select ‘none’ for payment method. This has sadly also been disabled it seems like.

The only way that is still working as far as I know is with a gift card. Before you panic and say how gift cards cost money, Starbucks has a promotion with Apple called the Song of the Week. These cards work as gift cards and are free right at the counter of most Starbucks.

Go to the iTunes Music Store select ‘Redeem’ it should be on one of the side columns. It will then ask you for your redeem code. Once you enter in it will ask you for your information, but under payment options you will now be able to select ‘none’.

Because you probably don’t want to head to the nearest Starbucks right now here are a few codes to get you started. Please post a comment letting me know you used them, and if you get a few please post them as a comment as well. Let’s snowball this :)

These Expire October 31, 2008:

  4. APYLJL6NA474