Run Any Mac App Without a Dock Icon

I found this on the GetSatisfaction forum for EventBox You can do this for any app without any extra software. It’s pretty easy. Right click »

VoIP SIP Client on iPhone App Store

A few days ago I discovered that there was an actual SIP client for the iPhone that was not tied to any specific provider and that »

Where is my VoIP on iPhone?

The most amazing event to not happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, none of the major networks have a »

5 Things Android Needs To Become The Best Platform

After talking to a coworker about his T-Mobile G1 and what he likes/dislikes about it it became clear that the OS has incredible promise. After »

Frenzic... On iPhone... Finally!

When Apple announced the iPhone lots of companies felt the pinch that innovation brings. They were used to phones bring walled gardens, not really open to »