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Run Any Mac App Without a Dock Icon

I found this on the GetSatisfaction forum for EventBox

You can do this for any app without any extra software. It’s pretty easy.

1. Right click on the dock icon and select Show in Finder
2. Right click on the app and select Show Package Contents
3. In the Contents folder, open Info.plist in a text editor
4. Look for this line “LSUIElement” and change the following string value from 0 to 1.
5. Restart the app and it should appear without a Dock icon.

Note that you have to do this each time after updating the app.

Taken from: GetSatisfaction

VoIP SIP Client on iPhone App Store

A few days ago I discovered that there was an actual SIP client for the iPhone that was not tied to any specific provider and that had a keypad whenever it was in a call (FRING has some weird splash page, nothing useful). The application is called SipPhone and its from a company called VNET Corp.The main thing here is this is a completely legal VOIP/SIP application on the iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak the phone in order to use it. Because of this, it only works over WIFI and not over EDGE/3G.

The application is $6.99 but honestly, if you have a SIP account ( Gizmo5 provides you with this ) this should open so many doors for you the price should be negligible.

Get it before AT&T complains!

iTunes Store Link
Company Website

Where is my VoIP on iPhone?

The most amazing event to not happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, none of the major networks have a official application. Actually, scratch that, the most amazing event not to happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, there is still no plain SIP application to be released (other than the terribly lacking, do-everything-poorly Fring).

I mean GizmoProject has applications for every other device out there, yet they have not talked about doing a iPhone application. There is incredible demand for such an application specially if it is paired with some sort of multi-ring solution such as the now hidden (dead?) Grand Central. I do not understand why this application is not available. Fring is out, and it has SIP calling, but it inexplicably doesnt have a keypad on the call screen so any of the applications that ask you to press any key are unusable. Calling your bank? Sorry!

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5 Things Android Needs To Become The Best Platform

After talking to a coworker about his T-Mobile G1 and what he likes/dislikes about it it became clear that the OS has incredible promise. After thinking about it for a bit Android needs to be smarter about its power consumption, just like Mobile OS X is. It needs to be smarter about navigation, like the Palm Pre is. It has to be available everywhere however. It has to be trully Open Source. This is where it will succeed.

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Frenzic… On iPhone… Finally!

When Apple announced the iPhone lots of companies felt the pinch that innovation brings. They were used to phones bring walled gardens, not really open to developers. One company however immediately saw an opportunity and felt they had to be let in to build their game on the device. That company was The Iconfactory, the game, Frenzic.

I really don’t know why it took so long for the game to be released on the iPhone when The Iconfactory was one of the first companies on-board the iPhone with a version of Twitteriffic (a free version, and a ridiculously priced $10 version… kind of makes me wonder what their CPMs on The Deck are), but Gedeon posted on his blog that he was happy that it was not a launch application.

Frenzic is $5 on the App Store right now. It is fun, addictive and best of all, portable.

iPhone Twinkle : Twitter + Location

Ever since I bought an iPhone I have been talking about how great it is and how it is a total game changer. One of the applications I would always tell people to jailbreak for was

TapulousTwinkle, this is no longer the case as it was available in the app store for FREE quickly after the stores launch.

What makes it so great? Well it’s Twitter + location. All the microblogging goodness of Twitter with all the benefits of a device that knows where you are at any given moment. It is quite simple really. They have a timeline that is only available through Twinkle, when you post something they add it to their location based timeline and to your Twitter timeline. If you post anything while you are not on Twinkle, it copies it into your Twinkle timeline from Twitter.

This has allowed me to have conversations and get informed I things that are happening around me. That I would have never have found out about otherwise. Really making the whole Twitter experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

This is not to say that Twinkle doesn’t have it’s faults, because it seriously does.

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T-Mobile G1 : Not yet available, already not as good as iPhone

I have been talking to everybody I know about the mobile web for as long as I can remember. I am honestly sick of it. Connectivity everywhere is the promise of the future and the new super-smart devices are making that promise a reality. The frontrunner of these devices is, of course, the Apple iPhone. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

HTC and Research In Motion have been hard at work creating devices that will compete head to head with it. RIM even deciding that ‘html email’ is something that should come standard, and HTC jumping on the open handset run before anyone else and being the first one with an actual product to show for it, the T-Mobile G1. Too bad Blackberries are still mainly business devices and the G1 is not as open as it should be. They actually had a chance otherwise.

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Fix for iPhone Application Error 0xE800002E

According to various online sources the best way to do fix this is to:

  1. Go to the Applications tab in your iPhone / iPod Touch
  2. Deselect the problematic application
  3. Sync the device (this will remove the device and all its data)
  4. Re-Select the application in iTunes
  5. Sync the device (this will install the application again)

The main problem with that approach is that it deletes all the information about the application from the iPhone. This is unacceptable.

The iTunes Application Store needs a shopping cart. NOW!

It’s way late, I really can barely think and I’m headed to bed since the two things I wanted to do I achieved. Jailbreaking my iPhone with firmware 2.0 and getting the 10x multiplier trophy on Super Stardust HD. Anyways, I am playing with the App store and I notice there are some good apps out there and others that are just a total waste of time (talk about 80/20 rule…). I will actually rant about the non-culators for $0.99 and the incredible lack of originality on icons (go count the number of checkmarks as an icon right now) at a later date.

What I will talk about is the lack of a Shopping Cart and the ridiculous pricing scheme concocted by the people at Apple. I understand why Apple decided against the shopping cart it is not a streamlined process and actually gives people an opportunity to think about the purchase before doing it. That is a big problem if you are trying to sell as many things as possible as -fast- as possible. I deal with user interaction on a everyday basis, I know this. This is about as far as they thought it through however, take a look at this:

All Apps by My Accounts To Go

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You’re losing them Steve; The Reason for the iPhone Hype

Yesterday my boss’ wife came into the office and was complaining about how she hated the iPhone and how it did not bring anything new to the table and how it was really not anything special. She complained about how her Blackberry did a better job at everything that she wants to do with a phone, which is, check email, organize contacts and have a dashboard with all her appointments, notices and latest emails / text messages.

I got to play with her iPhone for a little bit to show her how to do things without really using that much effort, for instance, having the phone application be in contacts before closing it, that way she can press the home button twice and have it go there automatically (granted she is not playing music at the moment). Then she said she missed her Blackberry and she did not understand the iPhone hype.

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