AT&T Announces New Data Plans, New Ways to Screw You Over

Overall if you ask me if I’m happy with the changes to the data plans, I’d say yes. There’s only two problems I »

AT&T A-List

If you have a AT&T plan that is more than $59.99, you have access to A-List. It is a calling circle feature that »

AT&T Tries to Minimize Damage... By Talking

I must say, the most annoying thing about AT&T in the past few years is not the obviously bogged down network and their inability »

Screw the App Store, Dev for Cydia

Ever since I got my first iPhone Ive had it jailbroken. The original reason being that I did not want to extend my AT&T »

Lies I tell myself to keep hope alive on Google Voice

I lowered my phone plan to the cheapest plan AT&T has to save some money. I’ve been using Google Voice and iSip for »