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AT&T Announces New Data Plans, New Ways to Screw You Over

Overall if you ask me if I’m happy with the changes to the data plans, I’d say yes. There’s only two problems I have.

1. The Tethering Convenience Fee

You’re paying for 2GB of data, right? AT&T should not care how you use it, or how fast. PERIOD. If tethering gave you another 5GB because you’re using more data, sure, but it doesn’t. They’re just charging you more for the same 2GB because they’re greedy fuckers that do not care about their customers.

2. The iPad Bait and Switch

Remember the “Magical Device” that came with unlimited internet for $30/month ? Well they cut the price to $25 but “Unlimited” is now 2GB. So basically they just increased the price by infinity. In fact, lets be nice to AT&T and say that the $30 only gave you 5GB of data, in that case they took away more than half of your data allotment, and cut the price by a measly $5. Thank you AT&T, thank you very much. I was being sarcastic, I hate you with the fire of a thousand hells.

My only thoughts are that maybe, just maybe, Apple has a way to rectify this before June 7th during the WWDC keynote. I mean, I cant imagine Steve Jobs being happy with this considering AT&T is the only option for people who buy one of his fancy 3G iPads.

Update: I totally missed John Gruber’s take on this, same as mine. (link)

AT&T A-List

If you have a AT&T plan that is more than $59.99, you have access to A-List. It is a calling circle feature that allows you to add 5 numbers and get unlimited calling to those five numbers.

This is great, except for the fact that nobody I talked to today knew that this feature existed. AT&T has spent most of their time trying to prove that you can download Luke Wilson faster on their network than on Verizon and no time at all showing you how to save money. Thanks AT&T!

I would also like to point out that if you’re paying $59.99 you could just pay an extra $10 every month for unlimited calling and just forget all about the whole ‘minutes’ non-sense.

AT&T Tries to Minimize Damage… By Talking

I must say, the most annoying thing about AT&T in the past few years is not the obviously bogged down network and their inability to really make their service of any quality at all. This video seems to be a step in the right direction, at least for me.

As their network keeps getting drowned in more iPhones, they really expected people to do the New Years Resolution thing, where theyd get bored with the phone and stopped using it as time went by. Sadly for them, the iPhone is the one device that really makes the internet completely accessible and people just keep using it more and more.

The video, I thought was a joke at first, but it seems legit. Lets hope it is a sign of things to come, a new, more open AT&T that mans up to its shortcomings and stops treating its customers like children that just wouldn’t understand their complicated network.

Oh… MMS on iPhone, September 25th. An actual date! amazing!

Screw the App Store, Dev for Cydia

Ever since I got my first iPhone Ive had it jailbroken. The original reason being that I did not want to extend my AT&T contract. The secondary reason being that I wanted apps on my phone. Remember when Apple said having apps on thr phone could bring down cell towers only to introduce them themselves a few months later?

Well that was then. Now we have the app store and I have purchased more than $50 worth of apps helping Apples profit margins that much more. It is really a shame that I cant justify supporting Apple anymore even though they were the ones that finally cracked the smartphone code. The reason for this is once again AT&T.

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Lies I tell myself to keep hope alive on Google Voice

I lowered my phone plan to the cheapest plan AT&T has to save some money. I’ve been using Google Voice and iSip for a few months now and it works nicely from home and the office.

I never actually purchased GVmobile because I thought that Google would release an official app and it would be free in no time. That app was submitted to the App Store 6 weeks ago. Now we know it was denied. The GVmobile people have said that the Apple statement was that it “Duplicates functionality” with the iPhone… which is complete utter bullshit because the iPhone does not have Google Voice integration and thats all that the App did.

Additionally, if its that the iPhone already has SMS… theres a ton of other Apps they have to ban. Same situation with the dialer, there’s a billion of them already.

Now, last time I remember that they just lied like that to everyone that I can remember this vividly, where a high-profile app got denied access to the App Store was with Podcaster. For the same reason “it duplicates functionality”. This didnt turn to be true, until the next update in which Apple did include very similar functionality straight into the iTunes App. Hopefully this is the same deal and Apple integrates it straight into the phone and while they’re at it they should also enable Google Latitude.

Of course, these things are not likely to happen and they make me wish I had an Android phone. There… I said it.

iPhone 3G for Puerto Rico & USVI : October 17th, 2008 Confirmed!

AT&T the company that has denied the Puerto Rican public access to the iPhone has decided to finally grace us with their approval by confirming a launch date of October 17th for Puerto Rico and the USVI.

Yes, after over a year of you being able to buy the iPhone on eBay and jailbreaking to have access to even better applications through Cydia and Installer.app, now you can actually go to a store and purchase it right then and there. You can even pay their excesive $30/mo for unlimited internet and 0 text messages. While if you had just jailbroken it you could have added the MediaNet 200 and gotten unlimited internet (yes, including 3G) and 200 text messages for $20.

I am sorry if I sound bitter, but honestly, these news are a year too late. Puerto Rico has had capacity for the iPhone for all this time and now suddenly they decide to launch and its really anticlimactic.

I disagree that this has anything to do with the T-Mobile G1 but I’ll take whatever excuse they give us. There you have it, if you enjoy giving money to companies that obviously don’t consider you a priority, AT&T will be selling the iPhone 3G in every one of their stores starting October 17th, expect there to be shortages and for service to be abysmal (like always).

iPhone 3G in Puerto Rico : Still not available, Best Buy won’t change that

Reader Fernando Ortiz has pointed out that those of you who were expecting Best Buy’s ability to sell the iPhone in the United States to be the invevitable launch of the device in Puerto Rico, should not hold your breath.

The iPhone Availability chart that Best Buy has setup clearly states that the iPhone will not be available in the Caguas or San Juan locations.

This does not mean that they will never sell it. It just means that AT&T has, once again, missed a perfectly good oportunity to release the iPhone in Puerto Rico.

I have gotten confirmation from them (as I have said before) that they will be releasing it before the end of the year, but there is no set date yet.

AT&T Finally Announces iPhone 3G in Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Dia has broken the story that the iPhone has finally been announced in Puerto Rico. While reading the story you will find out that this is not actually true, but that they have said that it will come sometime before the end of the year, no actual press release yet.

It has taken AT&T well over a year to finally bring any version of the device to the island. The same prices that apply in the United States apply in the island as expected. As of right now I have not noticed any differences that will make the plan any different than just getting the phone in the United States right now and moving your AT&T number to the new phone.

Another piece of news that broke last week is that by the time the iPhone is available in Puerto Rico it will also be able to be purchased through Best Buy. This being a big change from Apple’s current sales model which is only through AT&T Retail stores and Apple Retail stores.

There you have it, even more confirmation, of the worst kept secret since Area 51. AT&T wants your money this christmas season.

I’ll update this post as soon as they make a press release.

Using a new iPhone 3G with a Puerto Rico number – no issues

This is not news. I finally decided to go to the Apple Store and get myself a new iPhone 3G. Big surprise, Apple wins. I decided to once again just move my number over to my new 3G because the main reason I did not activate with AT&T the first time around was that they claimed it was impossible to have an iPhone with a Puerto Rico number because of the server upgrades needed for Visual Voicemail. That was obviously a LIE and many people have been enjoying their iPhones with a Puerto Rico number since sometime late last year when it was possible to just activate directly through iTunes with it.

Today’s procedure went without a hitch. I gave them my information, told them my phone number, and even told them my current billing address (in Colorado). The interesting thing about this is AT&T did not complain about my number having a Colorado billing address. But that is just a different kind of issue that I am so glad they finally got over.

So there you have it. iPhone 3G, legally activated with a Puerto Rico number. If you are visiting the United States and decide to stop by an Apple Store, you can upgrade your AT&T account with confidence before heading back to Puerto Rico. As a quick note, AT&T did confirm by email that they have plans to offer the iPhone in Puerto Rico in the near future but there are no dates set yet.

Tecnetico updates his iPhone 3G prediction for Puerto Rico (September)

So a few weeks ago we were talking about when the iPhone will be available in Puerto Rico and we finally were pointed to an article that said that sources with ‘full credibility’ had informed Tecnetico.com that the iPhone 3G would be hitting Puerto Rican shores in July 11th just like in the USA.

Today is July 11th. There is no iPhone in Puerto Rico. Apparently some people were upset enough with that to start sending emails to Tecnetico and he had to write a ‘editorial’ about the subject. In this editorial he (Wilton Vargas) explains that it was just rumor and speculation and that it sucks that he didn’t get it right.

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