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NetFlix’s Blu-Ray Price Hike is Ridiculous

I mean, honestly, have you seen my NetFlix queue lately? Nothing that I am getting is on blu-ray anyways. They want $4 more per month for access to discs? For me that’s a 23% price increase… Thanks, but no thanks.

How about if NetFlix starts charging per shipped blu-ray disk up to $4?  For instance, every time I rent a blu-ray I have to pay $0.50 extra that month and it goes up to $4, after which its unlimited? I’d be perfectly fine with that.

Asking for more money right now only caused me to cancel my blu-ray access. This is working against what they wanted. Kind of dumb if you ask me.

Netflix and Your Mac

Let me get this straight. Netflix which has been completely demolishing Blockbuster, does not have the pull that even Blockbuster used to?

Blockbuster, if you remember, would always get exclusive deals. They had some real pull because most of a movie’s money is actually made in the rental arena and in licensing. Now that Netflix is on top they can’t talk to other companies to maybe get some flexibility on the Watch Now capabilities?

Microsoft is finally adding DRM to Silverlight sometime this summer, how long will it take for Netflix to catch up? More importantly, how much extra will they charge?

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