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Tecnetico updates his iPhone 3G prediction for Puerto Rico (September)

So a few weeks ago we were talking about when the iPhone will be available in Puerto Rico and we finally were pointed to an article that said that sources with ‘full credibility’ had informed Tecnetico.com that the iPhone 3G would be hitting Puerto Rican shores in July 11th just like in the USA.

Today is July 11th. There is no iPhone in Puerto Rico. Apparently some people were upset enough with that to start sending emails to Tecnetico and he had to write a ‘editorial’ about the subject. In this editorial he (Wilton Vargas) explains that it was just rumor and speculation and that it sucks that he didn’t get it right.

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Apple announces iPhone 3G; Puerto Rico not included -again-

So, as everybody knew, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 3G today. They announced that it was thinner, has 3G and GPS. It also has basically the same screen as the old one. Surprising is how they managed to keep the battery life up so high and the wide range of applications that they announced.

Also surprising, how Puerto Rico is once again not included in Apple’s plans.

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Apple + Puerto Rico – The state of Mac and iPhone in Paradise

Back in 2005 a friend of mine wanted a new laptop. This is the first time I really suggested a Apple Macintosh to somebody. It was quite a change for me. I was primarily interested in Windows computers ( back in the day, it was ATI + AMD FTW!) Mac started crawling up in there and the more I saw, the more I liked.

Either way, we went to one of the two places that back then were the only authorized retailers of Macs. A place that goes by the name of Modernica. They did not have the Power Books with bluetooth because of ‘export concerns’. They took 3 weeks to get the Power Book after my friend ordered it, and even then, it was the past generation model. Is Apple to blame?

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