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Version Five (preview)

In the past year an a half I have really been updating this site more and more. Sometimes I go a few weeks without updating and sometimes I update too often, but I always think of what can I be posting on the site and how can the site be a reflection of who I am.

I also like a place to show some of my work. I keep trying to get some public projects released, much like the Google Voice Notification script (which is sadly probably way broken now).

I show you part of the header now of what I’m working on, hopefully it will be to everyone’s liking once it’s done.

Freelancing in a Post-Financial Appocalypse World and You

I got back into FFXI and while I keep enjoying it I decided to quit for a simple reason.

I’m going to be self sufficient this year.

In this economy you can never have too much work and to be honest to a freelancer this is a goldmine. This might sound difficult to believe but its I’ll share with you a few tips about freelancing today.

What can I expect?

Expect competition. Furious competition. Maybe you still have your job, maybe you don’t but I can assure you many of your comrades are out on the streets and just like you would have fierce competition for a full-time job right now, expect a lot of competition for contract jobs. You’re going to need to be faster, cheaper (I’ll explain in a minute), and better than all of them. You achieve this by picking your battles and by befriending as many people as you can. Most of my gigs come from friends I’ve made along the way that can’t take a project for some reason or that need assistance with a project they have already taken on.

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Akronym – MiWiken – ImThere

I got the email yesterday and i let it sit for a while. Now I am ready to post my thoughts and have the world know about this.

A few years ago I was working with ModWorks Group, we worked with project such as Deskmod, PixelAttic and ModBlog and we also had a webdesign company called Ramped. I was happy there even if i was the last one to find out about anything. I was living in Iowa and I was a hermit, I never really go out anyways but in Iowa State I’d randomly take walks with friends around campus and what not, i had some freedoms i never had before. Continue reading