A Total Prick

Bobby Kotick is a great CEO, Activision should be proud. The only thing on his mind is how to squeeze the last bit of money out »

I want Bayonetta... NOW

If you haven’t been following me on twitter, then you  might not know how awesome I think Bayonetta is. I just love how completely ridiculous »

Nielsen 'Active User' poll shows the obvious

The obvious being that nobody is buying the Wii to actually play it by themselves, the Wii is a toy that is used when theres people »

The GAF Collection

I’ve always loved The Criterion Collection and what they do with their movie releases. The people over at the NeoGAF forums started doing this for »

Rock Band, Guitar Hero & The Future of Music Games

A co-worker today was all excited because her husband got her a Wii for her birthday. I of course proceded to rant against the Wii for »