Google Voice : Email Transcripts

So today I got a voicemail from WaMu and I immediately got an email about it with the contents of the email. The text email seemed »

5 Things Android Needs To Become The Best Platform

After talking to a coworker about his T-Mobile G1 and what he likes/dislikes about it it became clear that the OS has incredible promise. After »

Can we stop talking about the T-Mobile G1?

As I have said in the past, I love me some competition. I want nothing more than for the iPhone to be just one of many »

The handset revolution focus turns to Sprint

AT&T has the iPhone, that’s worked out pretty well for them. T-Mobile has the G1, that has also worked out pretty well for »

Google Maps: Transit

Late last year Google announced MyLocation a faux-GPS system that would use cellphone tower triangulation. It took a few weeks (about a month) and when the »