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An External Dimmer

I’d like it if I could press and hold the home button while my iPhone is locked and have it start raising the brightness slowly. That way if I’m in bed I don’t wake up my girlfriend. I’m just saying it’d be nice and wouldn’t interfere with any other functionality.

The Jesus Tablet

Today, Apple’s announcement of a tablet device has many believing that they will finally show something that exonerates the tablet form-factor from being a niche product for all these years. There is, however, one group of people who expect salvation from this device: Print.

With a possible 10″ display and multi-touch gestures, I would love to have this device be on my coffee table. I already have a laptop there most of the time and this would be so much better. This brings me back to the problem of print. If the device is basically a $600 glorified e-reader which doesn’t even do the job right because it doesn’t have an e-ink display, then I don’t want it. I don’t read newspapers, I don’t read magazines. I am subscribed to Wired Magazine, but I mainly read it online through their RSS feed. It needs to do more, it needs to blow me away and not just show me how much I can read. Print needs to understand that while I am ok paying for access to information, eventually it will make its way out. The gatekeepers are gone and any artificial ones they put up just prove that they don’t understand and that they deserve to be irrelevant.

With this said, I am more excited about what might be included in the new iPhone OS (4.0 maybe?) and on the new iPhone model they might announce tomorrow.

If its $600 and amazing, I have the money. If it’s more or just a glorified e-reader, I’ll pass. If its subsidized and needs a mobile contract, then you can just forget I even spent any time thinking about the thing. I don’t need more bills.

5 Things Android Needs To Become The Best Platform

After talking to a coworker about his T-Mobile G1 and what he likes/dislikes about it it became clear that the OS has incredible promise. After thinking about it for a bit Android needs to be smarter about its power consumption, just like Mobile OS X is. It needs to be smarter about navigation, like the Palm Pre is. It has to be available everywhere however. It has to be trully Open Source. This is where it will succeed.

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Thoughts on Tuesday’s Apple Notebook Event

I guess I should just have to place this image and move on. It should be sufficient.

John Gruber from DaringFireball got it 100% right. My predictions were not too bad either, but he was just spot on.

The main thing here is the change in manufacturing process. They are leaving a lot of things open for the future. I personally like the choice of the Mini Display Port instead of an HDMI slot. HDMI is a secured architecture that requires you to pay royalties and is basically created just so that applications have permission from the MPAA to play your content. I am not a fan of this. Apple is basically marking a line in the sand, saying computers are here, media centers are there.

Like always leave it to Apple to not try and do a all-in-wonder product. That is why I like them. My new MacBook Pro will be here next week and I can’t be any more excited. I recommend you step by Daring Fireball and read Gruber’s post on why Apple didn’t release a $899 laptop, its worth the read.

T-Mobile G1 : Not yet available, already not as good as iPhone

I have been talking to everybody I know about the mobile web for as long as I can remember. I am honestly sick of it. Connectivity everywhere is the promise of the future and the new super-smart devices are making that promise a reality. The frontrunner of these devices is, of course, the Apple iPhone. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

HTC and Research In Motion have been hard at work creating devices that will compete head to head with it. RIM even deciding that ‘html email’ is something that should come standard, and HTC jumping on the open handset run before anyone else and being the first one with an actual product to show for it, the T-Mobile G1. Too bad Blackberries are still mainly business devices and the G1 is not as open as it should be. They actually had a chance otherwise.

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AT&T Finally Announces iPhone 3G in Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Dia has broken the story that the iPhone has finally been announced in Puerto Rico. While reading the story you will find out that this is not actually true, but that they have said that it will come sometime before the end of the year, no actual press release yet.

It has taken AT&T well over a year to finally bring any version of the device to the island. The same prices that apply in the United States apply in the island as expected. As of right now I have not noticed any differences that will make the plan any different than just getting the phone in the United States right now and moving your AT&T number to the new phone.

Another piece of news that broke last week is that by the time the iPhone is available in Puerto Rico it will also be able to be purchased through Best Buy. This being a big change from Apple’s current sales model which is only through AT&T Retail stores and Apple Retail stores.

There you have it, even more confirmation, of the worst kept secret since Area 51. AT&T wants your money this christmas season.

I’ll update this post as soon as they make a press release.

Using a new iPhone 3G with a Puerto Rico number – no issues

This is not news. I finally decided to go to the Apple Store and get myself a new iPhone 3G. Big surprise, Apple wins. I decided to once again just move my number over to my new 3G because the main reason I did not activate with AT&T the first time around was that they claimed it was impossible to have an iPhone with a Puerto Rico number because of the server upgrades needed for Visual Voicemail. That was obviously a LIE and many people have been enjoying their iPhones with a Puerto Rico number since sometime late last year when it was possible to just activate directly through iTunes with it.

Today’s procedure went without a hitch. I gave them my information, told them my phone number, and even told them my current billing address (in Colorado). The interesting thing about this is AT&T did not complain about my number having a Colorado billing address. But that is just a different kind of issue that I am so glad they finally got over.

So there you have it. iPhone 3G, legally activated with a Puerto Rico number. If you are visiting the United States and decide to stop by an Apple Store, you can upgrade your AT&T account with confidence before heading back to Puerto Rico. As a quick note, AT&T did confirm by email that they have plans to offer the iPhone in Puerto Rico in the near future but there are no dates set yet.