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An External Dimmer

I’d like it if I could press and hold the home button while my iPhone is locked and have it start raising the brightness slowly. That way if I’m in bed I don’t wake up my girlfriend. I’m just saying it’d be nice and wouldn’t interfere with any other functionality.

One Line Pitch : “Art”

The Pitch:

The angel of death gets tired of just killing by using normal means, starts considering his work to be art and begins crafting complicated, often non-sensical artistic death scenarios for all of his killings.

The Vision:

Think Final Destination meets Wile E. Coyote inside The Usual Suspects. It’s a comedy following the life of the investigator that is trying to put together why all the infrastructure in this city has started failing and where people are getting their rocket skates. Another investigator from the afterlife is trying to make sense of the sudden imbalance in the death books.


Art is a messy business

Where is my VoIP on iPhone?

The most amazing event to not happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, none of the major networks have a official application. Actually, scratch that, the most amazing event not to happen in 2008 is how, after all the hype behind VoIP on iPhone, there is still no plain SIP application to be released (other than the terribly lacking, do-everything-poorly Fring).

I mean GizmoProject has applications for every other device out there, yet they have not talked about doing a iPhone application. There is incredible demand for such an application specially if it is paired with some sort of multi-ring solution such as the now hidden (dead?) Grand Central. I do not understand why this application is not available. Fring is out, and it has SIP calling, but it inexplicably doesnt have a keypad on the call screen so any of the applications that ask you to press any key are unusable. Calling your bank? Sorry!

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