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AT&T Announces New Data Plans, New Ways to Screw You Over

Overall if you ask me if I’m happy with the changes to the data plans, I’d say yes. There’s only two problems I have.

1. The Tethering Convenience Fee

You’re paying for 2GB of data, right? AT&T should not care how you use it, or how fast. PERIOD. If tethering gave you another 5GB because you’re using more data, sure, but it doesn’t. They’re just charging you more for the same 2GB because they’re greedy fuckers that do not care about their customers.

2. The iPad Bait and Switch

Remember the “Magical Device” that came with unlimited internet for $30/month ? Well they cut the price to $25 but “Unlimited” is now 2GB. So basically they just increased the price by infinity. In fact, lets be nice to AT&T and say that the $30 only gave you 5GB of data, in that case they took away more than half of your data allotment, and cut the price by a measly $5. Thank you AT&T, thank you very much. I was being sarcastic, I hate you with the fire of a thousand hells.

My only thoughts are that maybe, just maybe, Apple has a way to rectify this before June 7th during the WWDC keynote. I mean, I cant imagine Steve Jobs being happy with this considering AT&T is the only option for people who buy one of his fancy 3G iPads.

Update: I totally missed John Gruber’s take on this, same as mine. (link)

I Switched To *nix, I’m a Mac

I am always amused when people ask me when will Linux will be ready for the desktop and why has open source software not taken off. I am amused because for the past 4 years I have been using a Mac and OS X is Unix Certified. I am amused because I’ve been using an iPhone and that too has it’s underpinnings in unix (Steve claimed that it was based on OS X I think that is pushing it.) I am amused because I’m typing this on a device that sold 1 million units in 28 days and nobody thought they needed it 60 days prior.

Open Source software is here, it has been here, and it is the future.

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