VoIP SIP Client on iPhone App Store

A few days ago I discovered that there was an actual SIP client for the iPhone that was not tied to any specific provider and that »

iPhone 3G for Puerto Rico & USVI : October 17th, 2008 Confirmed!

AT&T the company that has denied the Puerto Rican public access to the iPhone has decided to finally grace us with their approval by »

AT&T Finally Announces iPhone 3G in Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Dia has broken the story that the iPhone has finally been announced in Puerto Rico. While reading the story you will find out that »

Using a new iPhone 3G with a Puerto Rico number - no issues

This is not news. I finally decided to go to the Apple Store and get myself a new iPhone 3G. Big surprise, Apple wins. I decided »

Tecnetico updates his iPhone 3G prediction for Puerto Rico (September)

So a few weeks ago we were talking about when the iPhone will be available in Puerto Rico and we finally were pointed to an article »