Making iOS 5's iCloud device backups smaller

While playing with iOS’ new iCloud backup service I found that my device backups were huge. For instance, my iPad wanted to take 4.8GB of »


Remember the scene in The Social Network where Eduardo wanted to monetize only to be shut down by Mark and Sean? They argued that it would »

An External Dimmer

I’d like it if I could press and hold the home button while my iPhone is locked and have it start raising the brightness slowly. »

AT&T Announces New Data Plans, New Ways to Screw You Over

Overall if you ask me if I’m happy with the changes to the data plans, I’d say yes. There’s only two problems I »

I Switched To *nix, I'm a Mac

I am always amused when people ask me when will Linux will be ready for the desktop and why has open source software not taken off. »