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Remember the scene in The Social Network where Eduardo wanted to monetize only to be shut down by Mark and Sean? They argued that it would loose its cool and they were nothing if not cool.

Yeah, thats the Quick Bar right now. A huge drain of Twitter’s cool.

An External Dimmer

I’d like it if I could press and hold the home button while my iPhone is locked and have it start raising the brightness slowly. That way if I’m in bed I don’t wake up my girlfriend. I’m just saying it’d be nice and wouldn’t interfere with any other functionality.

AT&T Announces New Data Plans, New Ways to Screw You Over

Overall if you ask me if I’m happy with the changes to the data plans, I’d say yes. There’s only two problems I have.

1. The Tethering Convenience Fee

You’re paying for 2GB of data, right? AT&T should not care how you use it, or how fast. PERIOD. If tethering gave you another 5GB because you’re using more data, sure, but it doesn’t. They’re just charging you more for the same 2GB because they’re greedy fuckers that do not care about their customers.

2. The iPad Bait and Switch

Remember the “Magical Device” that came with unlimited internet for $30/month ? Well they cut the price to $25 but “Unlimited” is now 2GB. So basically they just increased the price by infinity. In fact, lets be nice to AT&T and say that the $30 only gave you 5GB of data, in that case they took away more than half of your data allotment, and cut the price by a measly $5. Thank you AT&T, thank you very much. I was being sarcastic, I hate you with the fire of a thousand hells.

My only thoughts are that maybe, just maybe, Apple has a way to rectify this before June 7th during the WWDC keynote. I mean, I cant imagine Steve Jobs being happy with this considering AT&T is the only option for people who buy one of his fancy 3G iPads.

Update: I totally missed John Gruber’s take on this, same as mine. (link)

I Switched To *nix, I’m a Mac

I am always amused when people ask me when will Linux will be ready for the desktop and why has open source software not taken off. I am amused because for the past 4 years I have been using a Mac and OS X is Unix Certified. I am amused because I’ve been using an iPhone and that too has it’s underpinnings in unix (Steve claimed that it was based on OS X I think that is pushing it.) I am amused because I’m typing this on a device that sold 1 million units in 28 days and nobody thought they needed it 60 days prior.

Open Source software is here, it has been here, and it is the future.

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Meebo for iPhone

I was just about ready to call this one vaporware.

On monday Meebo released their client for iPhone. They had announced this well over a year ago during the iPhone OS 3.0 preview event saying how they needed Push Notifications to do what they really wanted to do. The first time they presented the app for aproval was last week.

After using it for a few days I am willing to replace my copy of AIM with it. The colors are very light and it feels inviting to type. The client can save and read your history online, this is what I thought even Trillian was missing (on the mac at least, never tried to play with the iPhone version).

My biggest problem with it so far is that it still doesn’t have metacontacts. Hopefully that’s coming sooner, rather than later.

While I’ve been waiting for this App for a while, it has outdone my expectations. The other mobile IM applications have been put on notice… specially the $10+ dollar ones.

The Jesus Tablet

Today, Apple’s announcement of a tablet device has many believing that they will finally show something that exonerates the tablet form-factor from being a niche product for all these years. There is, however, one group of people who expect salvation from this device: Print.

With a possible 10″ display and multi-touch gestures, I would love to have this device be on my coffee table. I already have a laptop there most of the time and this would be so much better. This brings me back to the problem of print. If the device is basically a $600 glorified e-reader which doesn’t even do the job right because it doesn’t have an e-ink display, then I don’t want it. I don’t read newspapers, I don’t read magazines. I am subscribed to Wired Magazine, but I mainly read it online through their RSS feed. It needs to do more, it needs to blow me away and not just show me how much I can read. Print needs to understand that while I am ok paying for access to information, eventually it will make its way out. The gatekeepers are gone and any artificial ones they put up just prove that they don’t understand and that they deserve to be irrelevant.

With this said, I am more excited about what might be included in the new iPhone OS (4.0 maybe?) and on the new iPhone model they might announce tomorrow.

If its $600 and amazing, I have the money. If it’s more or just a glorified e-reader, I’ll pass. If its subsidized and needs a mobile contract, then you can just forget I even spent any time thinking about the thing. I don’t need more bills.

AT&T Tries to Minimize Damage… By Talking

I must say, the most annoying thing about AT&T in the past few years is not the obviously bogged down network and their inability to really make their service of any quality at all. This video seems to be a step in the right direction, at least for me.

As their network keeps getting drowned in more iPhones, they really expected people to do the New Years Resolution thing, where theyd get bored with the phone and stopped using it as time went by. Sadly for them, the iPhone is the one device that really makes the internet completely accessible and people just keep using it more and more.

The video, I thought was a joke at first, but it seems legit. Lets hope it is a sign of things to come, a new, more open AT&T that mans up to its shortcomings and stops treating its customers like children that just wouldn’t understand their complicated network.

Oh… MMS on iPhone, September 25th. An actual date! amazing!

Screw the App Store, Dev for Cydia

Ever since I got my first iPhone Ive had it jailbroken. The original reason being that I did not want to extend my AT&T contract. The secondary reason being that I wanted apps on my phone. Remember when Apple said having apps on thr phone could bring down cell towers only to introduce them themselves a few months later?

Well that was then. Now we have the app store and I have purchased more than $50 worth of apps helping Apples profit margins that much more. It is really a shame that I cant justify supporting Apple anymore even though they were the ones that finally cracked the smartphone code. The reason for this is once again AT&T.

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