How to open an iTunes account without a credit card

It used to be the way to open an iTunes account without a credit card was with PayPal, sadly since they started doing contract agreements trying »

Let's Rock recap. Dissapointment Edition

Yesterday I posted a quick list of predictions, what I should have done was link you to Kevin Rose’s blog. He nailed the keynote. It »

My Apple Event Predictions "Let's Rock"

Just a quick note to express what I expect today. I expect to see new iPods, the elongated rounded ones that Kevin Rose has been talking »

Unfortunately Named Application of the Week

Codes Retard is an application that using the Air France flight code tells you the flight’s status, if it is delayed or if it is »

The iTunes Application Store needs a shopping cart. NOW!

It’s way late, I really can barely think and I’m headed to bed since the two things I wanted to do I achieved. Jailbreaking »