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How to open an iTunes account without a credit card

It used to be the way to open an iTunes account without a credit card was with PayPal, sadly since they started doing contract agreements trying to do this leads you to an error message.

Then there was the App Store way. If you make sure you are in the iTunes App Store you could select log in, then create an account and select ‘none’ for payment method. This has sadly also been disabled it seems like.

The only way that is still working as far as I know is with a gift card. Before you panic and say how gift cards cost money, Starbucks has a promotion with Apple called the Song of the Week. These cards work as gift cards and are free right at the counter of most Starbucks.

Go to the iTunes Music Store select ‘Redeem’ it should be on one of the side columns. It will then ask you for your redeem code. Once you enter in it will ask you for your information, but under payment options you will now be able to select ‘none’.

Because you probably don’t want to head to the nearest Starbucks right now here are a few codes to get you started. Please post a comment letting me know you used them, and if you get a few please post them as a comment as well. Let’s snowball this :)

These Expire October 31, 2008:

  4. APYLJL6NA474

The iTunes Application Store needs a shopping cart. NOW!

It’s way late, I really can barely think and I’m headed to bed since the two things I wanted to do I achieved. Jailbreaking my iPhone with firmware 2.0 and getting the 10x multiplier trophy on Super Stardust HD. Anyways, I am playing with the App store and I notice there are some good apps out there and others that are just a total waste of time (talk about 80/20 rule…). I will actually rant about the non-culators for $0.99 and the incredible lack of originality on icons (go count the number of checkmarks as an icon right now) at a later date.

What I will talk about is the lack of a Shopping Cart and the ridiculous pricing scheme concocted by the people at Apple. I understand why Apple decided against the shopping cart it is not a streamlined process and actually gives people an opportunity to think about the purchase before doing it. That is a big problem if you are trying to sell as many things as possible as -fast- as possible. I deal with user interaction on a everyday basis, I know this. This is about as far as they thought it through however, take a look at this:

All Apps by My Accounts To Go

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