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Run Any Mac App Without a Dock Icon

I found this on the GetSatisfaction forum for EventBox

You can do this for any app without any extra software. It’s pretty easy.

1. Right click on the dock icon and select Show in Finder
2. Right click on the app and select Show Package Contents
3. In the Contents folder, open Info.plist in a text editor
4. Look for this line “LSUIElement” and change the following string value from 0 to 1.
5. Restart the app and it should appear without a Dock icon.

Note that you have to do this each time after updating the app.

Taken from: GetSatisfaction

Apple + Puerto Rico – The state of Mac and iPhone in Paradise

Back in 2005 a friend of mine wanted a new laptop. This is the first time I really suggested a Apple Macintosh to somebody. It was quite a change for me. I was primarily interested in Windows computers ( back in the day, it was ATI + AMD FTW!) Mac started crawling up in there and the more I saw, the more I liked.

Either way, we went to one of the two places that back then were the only authorized retailers of Macs. A place that goes by the name of Modernica. They did not have the Power Books with bluetooth because of ‘export concerns’. They took 3 weeks to get the Power Book after my friend ordered it, and even then, it was the past generation model. Is Apple to blame?

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My Nightmare App: Cookbook

About a week ago I was sitting at home looking for a recipe. I live with my girlfriend and well times are rough, so we are trying to save as much as possible. Also we feel that we can learn to be a little bit more domestic about how we live. Eureka! I remembered that last year’s MyDreamApp competition had one of these featured called Cookbook.

Thumbnail of Cookbook from My Dream App

Cookbook, according to their site is “The ultimate cookbook application, with online grocery shopping, thousands of recipes, Leopard voiceover technology integration, shopping list sharing, and more.” That is perfect. The screenshots make it look even more delicious. How saddened was I when I found out that it is vaporware. I decided to look a bit deeper…

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