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Unibody MacBook Pro – Bluetooth Won’t Start

I used to have this problem with my original MacBook Pro (1st Gen) but today was the first time it happened with my Unibody MacBook Pro.

You start your computer but the Bluetooth module wont start. Restarting doesn’t fix the problem, only waiting a couple of minutes/hours and then restarting does.

Well in what seems to be a temporary fix. If you take out the battery, press the power button so it starts booting and then press it again so it shuts back down. Re-insert the battery. Boot normally. It seems to fix it.

Until it decides it needs to mess up again.

Thoughts on Tuesday’s Apple Notebook Event

I guess I should just have to place this image and move on. It should be sufficient.

John Gruber from DaringFireball got it 100% right. My predictions were not too bad either, but he was just spot on.

The main thing here is the change in manufacturing process. They are leaving a lot of things open for the future. I personally like the choice of the Mini Display Port instead of an HDMI slot. HDMI is a secured architecture that requires you to pay royalties and is basically created just so that applications have permission from the MPAA to play your content. I am not a fan of this. Apple is basically marking a line in the sand, saying computers are here, media centers are there.

Like always leave it to Apple to not try and do a all-in-wonder product. That is why I like them. My new MacBook Pro will be here next week and I can’t be any more excited. I recommend you step by Daring Fireball and read Gruber’s post on why Apple didn’t release a $899 laptop, its worth the read.