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Five Stars: Inception

When the mind is the crime scene anything is possible. When its somebody else’s mind however, it gets a bit more complicated.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception is a Sci-Fi thriller that tries to get you to remember how you got to where you are. From the start of the film you’re cast into a beautiful world of paradoxes, a castle by the sea, children playing, men with assault rifles. Then the world is explained to you, multiple people are able to coexist in a specific dream. This dream is in the head of a specific person and that person’s subconscious might (read: will) try and get rid of the intruders.

How do you stay focused in such a world? How do you know which world is real? What evil lurks in the deepest of dreams of those around you and is the risk worth the reward?

Even here I feel like if I’ve said too much and should just tell you the following:

Inception was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, it is brilliant, the acting is top-notch, and it is the only movie I am able to recommend so far this summer.

Five Stars: Up in the Air

You may find it appropriate that I am writing this while alone in my apartment during christmas eve. It is not lost on me.

This movie was never in my radar, in the last few weeks it came to my attention and I was actually amazed that I did not know about it earlier. The movie follows Ryan Bingham as he flies from city to city performing a task that makes most people he meets hate him or at least dislike him. He preaches about how to let go, and how every connection you have weighs you down. He lives disconnected, he feels at home in the sky.

Being a metaphor for all of our complex lives, the jet setter fits the bill. He might be a caricature of people but we are all too busy to stop and look around. A theme that has been around ever since Ferris Bueler asked us to do it all those years ago. Life is passing us by, and we keep setting dates for when we are going to do something and then just hearing the swoosh as the deadlines go by.

I completely understand all the award buzz that it has. The movie is funny and real. Clooney is brilliant, as always, but its the women who shine and carry this film. While many older people can see themselves in Clooney’s or Vera Farminga’s (Alex) characters, younger moviegoers will find their voice on Anna Kendrick’s character Natalie.

If you’re looking for a film this holiday season and you’re already tired of silly comedies and want something new. In my opinion Up in the Air is a great film to start the year off with.

The Hottest State

William: Listen, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t want to tell you to fuck off. I don’t, but since I met you I cant operate in the world. All I think about is if you like me and I know how lame that sounds. If you want me to leave you alone I will. I really will. It’s just sometimes you meet somebody and you know whatever you did before nothing coulda been too bad or too wrong because its led you to this person, and you feel like that person. Are you that person? Do you want me to go away?

Sarah: No.

William: No you weren’t that person or no you dont want me to go away?

Sarah: Why do you like me so much?

William: Because you’re special. You’re so, so special.

Sarah: [smiles] You’re such a dumb boy.

William: I know.

Sarah: Don’t worry any more if I like you. Come on.

About the movie:
IMDB entry for The Hottest State

My, Very Personal, Watchmen Review

After watching the movie I decided I was not going to talk about it, but since everybody feels like they must weigh in, my silence seems disapproving… so here it is.

I’ve read the novel about three times. I don’t consider myself a ‘fanboy’ but I really enjoyed it and its themes and it is everything I want in a super hero story. How do these new powers affect your sense of humanity? If you don’t have powers how do you justify your ‘caped crusader’ persona and once you’ve been doing it for a while, how do you deal with not being able to do it anymore?

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