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Five Stars : Hot Tub Time Machine

A few days ago I started a Five Star review of Los Abrazos Rotos. This is not that review. Again a John Cusack movie that surprises me, this time in a good way.

The movie is called “Hot Tub Time Machine”. There are no surprises here, just fun. A coworker said it best when she asked “is it just like making fun of old John Cusack movies?” In a sense, yes.

The fact is this movie borrows a lot from many 80s movies. There’s definitely references to Better Off Dead but it’s not just that. It’s the spirit of the eighties seen through today’s eyes. More than once, the characters are mortified that the worst thing that could happen to them is having to live the 80s again.

I have not seen a movie as consistently funny as this one since last year’s The Hangover, which is no easy feat.

“Yea but, five stars?” I rate movies based on what I would like to see again and what I want my friends to experience or talk to them about. When I got out of the theatre I immediately called people to tell them that they had to spend money in this movie. It’s that funny.

I would honestly not mind a movie like this every year.

it’s like the white buffalo.

2009 In Film

These are my top 5 movies of 2009. Top 5 is much harder than a top 10.

5. The Brothers Bloom

This movie was fun. Quirky and I keep thinking I should watch it again… Actually I’ll watch it again this weekend.

4. Avatar

I have seen the future of cinema, its called Avatar. Well played Mr. Cameron, well played indeed.

3. Up in the Air

Every man is an island, floating in mid air. Flights leave hourly, serviced by American Airlines.

2. Inglourious Basterds

In a time where everybody wastes their time with movie remakes, Quentin Tarantino remade World War Two.

1. (500) Days of Summer

This is not a love story.

All Hollows Eve

I don’t celebrate many holidays. Halloween is amongst the ones that I have not participated in for the longest time. I really have not thought of why but while listening to Radio Nowhere’s Filmic they played the theme for The Exorsist and it reminded me of how I really do love a well made horror film.

I don’t particularly care for candy, and I definitely don’t like dressing up, but it’s really the unadulterated fact that this holiday exists just to sell useless stuff that nobody would buy otherwise that gets to me.

With that said, I am due for another screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Denver is one of the cities that has never taken a break from showing it in a theater in the 35 years since it first graced them.

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One Line Pitch : “Art”

The Pitch:

The angel of death gets tired of just killing by using normal means, starts considering his work to be art and begins crafting complicated, often non-sensical artistic death scenarios for all of his killings.

The Vision:

Think Final Destination meets Wile E. Coyote inside The Usual Suspects. It’s a comedy following the life of the investigator that is trying to put together why all the infrastructure in this city has started failing and where people are getting their rocket skates. Another investigator from the afterlife is trying to make sense of the sudden imbalance in the death books.


Art is a messy business