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NetFlix’s Blu-Ray Price Hike is Ridiculous

I mean, honestly, have you seen my NetFlix queue lately? Nothing that I am getting is on blu-ray anyways. They want $4 more per month for access to discs? For me that’s a 23% price increase… Thanks, but no thanks.

How about if NetFlix starts charging per shipped blu-ray disk up to $4?¬† For instance, every time I rent a blu-ray I have to pay $0.50 extra that month and it goes up to $4, after which its unlimited? I’d be perfectly fine with that.

Asking for more money right now only caused me to cancel my blu-ray access. This is working against what they wanted. Kind of dumb if you ask me.

My FeedFlix Data

I’ve complained a lot about wanting my PS3 to be able to play Netflix watch-now content. Here’s some concrete data that shows how I use Netflix.

  • You have been a Netflix member since July 2007 and have returned 133 titles to date
  • You most recently returned a movie on 10/Feb/09 i.e. 8 days ago
  • You keep titles at home for an average of 12 days
  • You see 4.7 titles by DVD and 9.3 titles by Instant Watch each month
  • You’ve indicated that you are on the 3 at-a-time (Unlimited) plan which costs $17.99/month (including the $1/mo Blu-ray fee)
  • Your cost/DVD rental is $3.86. Your cost/movie (including Instant Watch) is $1.29
  • You’re in the 34th percentile. i.e., 34% of FeedFlixers pay less than you per movie¬†

Yeah, give me Watch Now on my console and I’d be watching so much more stuff its not even funny. Actually, I guess its best for Netflix that I don’t have access to it or I’d be breaking the $1 mark per movie watched.

If you want to checkout how much you pay for your Netflix rentals go to FeedFlix. It’s fast and easy. Let me know your results!

Sony needs to add Netflix/BlockBuster Streaming to PS3 or TFSU

Sony’s continued ramblings about how they are giving people more ‘choice’ by not allowing them to stream movies from Netflix (or Blockbuster, or Amazon… or ANYWHERE) is starting to piss me off. I mean, yes, they’ve made the web browser on the system not be the most terrible thing ever to watch Hulu and other Flash based video sites on it, but its just not the same.

This last article is exactly what I’m talking about. Sony needs to stop pretending like they know whats best for everyone and start listening to what the people are saying. If we want Netflix streaming… give us Netflix streaming. It is of no cost to you, and I already have a Netflix account. How else do you think I would be watching the Blu-Ray movies you say I should be watching? Buying them at $35 bucks a pop?


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What to do with the new Netflix API

Yesterday Netflix opened their API to the public, this means that everybody has access to their catalogue of films, not just those who somehow got it working like the creator of iFlix.This is really exciting because as awesome as iFlix is for the iPhone, it opens the door to even better things now that everything is documented. In fact I have a little mash-up I wish somebody out there would make because it would just be awesome.

Basically It combines Shotimes, Movies, iFlix and Amazon. It would let me watch trailers, write reviews and gather reviews from MetaCritic, Netflix, Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes.

The homepage would have featured movies, or top grossing films or whatever you really like, I would personally have the last few reviews from Roger Ebert. Of course, this would all link you to the actual movie’s page where you would have the movie’s poster image, synopsis, reviews from the aforementioned websites, and the ability for you to post a review, to one or all of the review services.

Additionally you could see the trailer for the movie and add it to your queue on Netflix, or even buy it through Amazon.com. If the movie is out in theaters It would use your location to give you showtimes near you like Showtimes does right now. I would personally call it Tinseltown, but since I’m not developing it I guess I have no say.

As an added bonus, I would also add the Endless Movie Quiz from Flixter as a game.

With Netflix finally announcing that a Watch Instantly solution will be out for Mac before the end of the year, this all-inclusive movie app would be the greatest thing since Mel Brook’s History of the World: Part 1.

Yes, it’s good to be the king.

Netflix and Your Mac

Let me get this straight. Netflix which has been completely demolishing Blockbuster, does not have the pull that even Blockbuster used to?

Blockbuster, if you remember, would always get exclusive deals. They had some real pull because most of a movie’s money is actually made in the rental arena and in licensing. Now that Netflix is on top they can’t talk to other companies to maybe get some flexibility on the Watch Now capabilities?

Microsoft is finally adding DRM to Silverlight sometime this summer, how long will it take for Netflix to catch up? More importantly, how much extra will they charge?

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