Netflix is dropping API DVD support, no matter what

You know how you get all the latest content on Netflix? With DVDs. You know what costs Netflix tons of money? DVDs. You know what the »

Netflix coming to PS3

Well, well, look who seems to be waking up fighting. The Sony seems to have gotten tired of being beaten up every which way by the »

Netflix blames USPS over Cracked Blu-rays

From the article: “When we see the breakage for Blu-ray to be so infinitesimally small of the total ships, it would be cost-prohibitive for us to »

NetFlix's Blu-Ray Price Hike is Ridiculous

I mean, honestly, have you seen my NetFlix queue lately? Nothing that I am getting is on blu-ray anyways. They want $4 more per month for »

My FeedFlix Data

I’ve complained a lot about wanting my PS3 to be able to play Netflix watch-now content. Here’s some concrete data that shows how I »