When will PSN come back online?

According to a Sony executive, May 31st. That would mean that PSN would have been down for six weeks by the time services are restored. Every »

Rockstar Games does a small Q&A session

“I was highly anticipating the release of The Ballad Of Gay Tony, but just found out that it is only on the XBox360. I am certain »

Nyko Frontman Guitar on PS3 Connection Glitch Fix

A few months ago Amazon had a sale on PS3 controllers and I got two Nyko Frontband guitars. They’ve been sitting in my closet since »

Gran Turismo 5 Feature list reveal... zZzZz

Tokyo Game Show has brought nothing but disappointment to Gran Turismo fans if you ask me. Not only did they announce that the Japanese launch date »

Killzone 2 Retail Beach Glitch

This is something that was reported on the TheGameReviews.com about a month ago and I really didn’t think much of it since it was »