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Nyko Frontman Guitar on PS3 Connection Glitch Fix

A few months ago Amazon had a sale on PS3 controllers and I got two Nyko Frontband guitars. They’ve been sitting in my closet since then and this week we decided to finally take the plunge and buy a game (Rock Band 2).

Well, this has sucked.

In Rock Band mode the guitars just keep pressing X (green) in turbo mode, making it impossible to control the game. After some searching around it seems like this is an issue with Rock Band 2 and the way to fix it is to set the controller to Guitar Hero mode.

Now for the fun part, apparently firmware 3.10 broke the controllers. Well it didnt break them, it just made them not get their connection straight.

To fix this I made sure I had one Dual Shock taking slot 1. Then I proceeded to plug in the ‘footpedal’ in Rock Band mode, this should make the controller turn Blue. Then you need to go into Guitar Hero mode and hopefully it keeps the Blue light when it auto-adjusts. If it doesn’t then you need to keep turning the knob back to Rock Band and re-syncing until you do get the Blue light and then go into Guitar Hero mode.

This might take a few tries. Have patience. It sucks, I know!

Some have suggested using two Dual-Shocks so that the guitar is actually controller 3. This worked for me as well but i didn’t have any better luck than with just the one controller.

What if I have 2 Nyko Frontman guitars?

Its the same process for both I did one guitar first, and then the other (Blue and then Orange). It has been taking me like 10 minutes to get them to sync correctly, but once i do, they just work.

This is not the nicest of solutions, and I am honestly quite annoyed by this situation but the guitars work and I got the game for cheap. I’ll search around tonight and update this post if I find any better solutions.

UPDATE (11/29/2009) :

If the controllers come up SOLID RED in Guitar Hero mode, turn the knob back and forth (to Rock Band and then back to Guitar Hero) this will toggle the controller and make it try and find a new open channel. Wait for it to go to a new solid color, if it goes red again just turn the knob once more, repeat this until you get a different color. Its really not a pretty solution. *sigh*

Sony needs to add Netflix/BlockBuster Streaming to PS3 or TFSU

Sony’s continued ramblings about how they are giving people more ‘choice’ by not allowing them to stream movies from Netflix (or Blockbuster, or Amazon… or ANYWHERE) is starting to piss me off. I mean, yes, they’ve made the web browser on the system not be the most terrible thing ever to watch Hulu and other Flash based video sites on it, but its just not the same.

This last article is exactly what I’m talking about. Sony needs to stop pretending like they know whats best for everyone and start listening to what the people are saying. If we want Netflix streaming… give us Netflix streaming. It is of no cost to you, and I already have a Netflix account. How else do you think I would be watching the Blu-Ray movies you say I should be watching? Buying them at $35 bucks a pop?


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PS3 Home a little boring, just a little.

I stepped into PlayStation Home the other day and I must say, it is just as boring now as it was during the Beta. I am happy to see that Sony is being able to monetize it somehow, but honestly… It needs to become something for the gamers not just another Second Life.

I have seen what I can do with the current incarnation of the system and here are my overall thoughts.

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I think I’m in Heaven Eden

Well its been about a week or so since my last post and I really hate not posting something that is incredibly mind blowing but honestly, work has been really rough on me this week. Then I have a few projects cooking so my free time is full with those. Luckily Pixel Junk Eden was released on Thursday and that has gotten me a nice refreshing view of things.

You go around trying to find specters in every ‘garden’. To get to the specters though, you need to destroy the passing flowers to get the pollen to fill up the new seeds so they can sprout when you jump to them. I am enjoying it quite a bit. Oh, and it allows you to record the gameplay, and upload it to YouTube right from the game itself, although I wish it was a bit better quality. Here’s me sucking the first time I go into garden 3