When will PSN come back online?

According to a Sony executive, May 31st. That would mean that PSN would have been down for six weeks by the time services are restored. Every »

Rockstar Games does a small Q&A session

“I was highly anticipating the release of The Ballad Of Gay Tony, but just found out that it is only on the XBox360. I am certain »

Nyko Frontman Guitar on PS3 Connection Glitch Fix

A few months ago Amazon had a sale on PS3 controllers and I got two Nyko Frontband guitars. They’ve been sitting in my closet since »

The PSP Go

There’s little things that bother me more than when a company gets so close to exaclty what I want and then screws everything up in »

Sony needs to add Netflix/BlockBuster Streaming to PS3 or TFSU

Sony’s continued ramblings about how they are giving people more ‘choice’ by not allowing them to stream movies from Netflix (or Blockbuster, or Amazon… or »