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The PR TLD is $1,000 per year

This is not really news. I just wanted to point out that if you wanted to have a pretty little .pr domain you’d have to shell out $1,000 USD. I understand full well that this is either a measure to try and keep domainers out or to make a (very large) profit.

It’s shit like this that hurts the growth of the industry in Puerto Rico however, since they cant even get access to their own TLD which would make it so that they can get something and specify that its from Puerto Rico. If you want a .com.pr they sell those for $100 first time and $50/year afterwards which is still a bit pricey.

If they are afraid about domainers they can setup a rule where you can only apply by going to the office in person and they have to have a presence in the island. There’s ways to get this without hurting the industry and individuals that might be interested on this domain. If you notice however, they have a $6.95 3rd level domain available as well ‘isla.pr’ so if you wanted the domain name ‘sewing’ youd get ‘sewing.isla.pr’ for $6.95 per year, except you can’t because “Only government agencies in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” may request for those.

I have a site that would really benefit from a .pr domain name. I will not be paying that amount of money for it though. I even pay about $40 per year for my .pe and I did it without even thinking about it.

For more info on the overpriced TLD visit nic.pr
I want to find examples of .pr domains I know… other than nic.pr and gobierno.pr,  I don’t know any.  High fives all around!

Mi Puerto Rico Lindo

Yo soy Boricua, Cangrejero de Santurce y apoyo la estadidad para la isla.

Hace dos años estoy en Denver, Colorado. En San Juan no progresaba, nadie tenia trabajo para mi. Veia como todos mis amigos graduados en comunicaciones se peliaban por los dos o tres trabajos (temporeros) en las publicaciones locales que cada vez son menos. Mis amigos ingenieros se tuvieron que mudar del area metro para lograr conseguir trabajo, uno se tuvo que mudar para la Florida. Las cosas no van bien.

No me involucro en la politica. No es lo mio. Cuando salio Anibal Acevedo Vilá no dije nada. Cuando quebro el govierno, no dije nada. Cuando decidieron que el IVU era la solucion. Un impuesto fijo que penaliza al que gana poco, me mude pal carajo. Ahora que el Partido Nuevo Progresista gano basicamente todo lo que podia ganar en Puerto Rico, en una victoria tan contundente que pone en verguenza a todos los otros partidos tengo que decir algo.


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iPhone 3G for Puerto Rico & USVI : October 17th, 2008 Confirmed!

AT&T the company that has denied the Puerto Rican public access to the iPhone has decided to finally grace us with their approval by confirming a launch date of October 17th for Puerto Rico and the USVI.

Yes, after over a year of you being able to buy the iPhone on eBay and jailbreaking to have access to even better applications through Cydia and Installer.app, now you can actually go to a store and purchase it right then and there. You can even pay their excesive $30/mo for unlimited internet and 0 text messages. While if you had just jailbroken it you could have added the MediaNet 200 and gotten unlimited internet (yes, including 3G) and 200 text messages for $20.

I am sorry if I sound bitter, but honestly, these news are a year too late. Puerto Rico has had capacity for the iPhone for all this time and now suddenly they decide to launch and its really anticlimactic.

I disagree that this has anything to do with the T-Mobile G1 but I’ll take whatever excuse they give us. There you have it, if you enjoy giving money to companies that obviously don’t consider you a priority, AT&T will be selling the iPhone 3G in every one of their stores starting October 17th, expect there to be shortages and for service to be abysmal (like always).

iPhone 3G in Puerto Rico : Still not available, Best Buy won’t change that

Reader Fernando Ortiz has pointed out that those of you who were expecting Best Buy’s ability to sell the iPhone in the United States to be the invevitable launch of the device in Puerto Rico, should not hold your breath.

The iPhone Availability chart that Best Buy has setup clearly states that the iPhone will not be available in the Caguas or San Juan locations.

This does not mean that they will never sell it. It just means that AT&T has, once again, missed a perfectly good oportunity to release the iPhone in Puerto Rico.

I have gotten confirmation from them (as I have said before) that they will be releasing it before the end of the year, but there is no set date yet.

Puertorrican Ads from the 80’s

Theres no reason for me to post this other than to give everybody a taste of what TV was like back when I was growing up.

My mom totally had the same haircut as the woman in the Crest commercial (@ 6:43), “Like” sounds like a great soda (@ 5:30) and didn’t that last Church’s Chicken commercial win the “best commercial EVER” award? (@ 9:33)

Using a new iPhone 3G with a Puerto Rico number – no issues

This is not news. I finally decided to go to the Apple Store and get myself a new iPhone 3G. Big surprise, Apple wins. I decided to once again just move my number over to my new 3G because the main reason I did not activate with AT&T the first time around was that they claimed it was impossible to have an iPhone with a Puerto Rico number because of the server upgrades needed for Visual Voicemail. That was obviously a LIE and many people have been enjoying their iPhones with a Puerto Rico number since sometime late last year when it was possible to just activate directly through iTunes with it.

Today’s procedure went without a hitch. I gave them my information, told them my phone number, and even told them my current billing address (in Colorado). The interesting thing about this is AT&T did not complain about my number having a Colorado billing address. But that is just a different kind of issue that I am so glad they finally got over.

So there you have it. iPhone 3G, legally activated with a Puerto Rico number. If you are visiting the United States and decide to stop by an Apple Store, you can upgrade your AT&T account with confidence before heading back to Puerto Rico. As a quick note, AT&T did confirm by email that they have plans to offer the iPhone in Puerto Rico in the near future but there are no dates set yet.

Tecnetico updates his iPhone 3G prediction for Puerto Rico (September)

So a few weeks ago we were talking about when the iPhone will be available in Puerto Rico and we finally were pointed to an article that said that sources with ‘full credibility’ had informed Tecnetico.com that the iPhone 3G would be hitting Puerto Rican shores in July 11th just like in the USA.

Today is July 11th. There is no iPhone in Puerto Rico. Apparently some people were upset enough with that to start sending emails to Tecnetico and he had to write a ‘editorial’ about the subject. In this editorial he (Wilton Vargas) explains that it was just rumor and speculation and that it sucks that he didn’t get it right.

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Apple announces iPhone 3G; Puerto Rico not included -again-

So, as everybody knew, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 3G today. They announced that it was thinner, has 3G and GPS. It also has basically the same screen as the old one. Surprising is how they managed to keep the battery life up so high and the wide range of applications that they announced.

Also surprising, how Puerto Rico is once again not included in Apple’s plans.

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Apple + Puerto Rico – The state of Mac and iPhone in Paradise

Back in 2005 a friend of mine wanted a new laptop. This is the first time I really suggested a Apple Macintosh to somebody. It was quite a change for me. I was primarily interested in Windows computers ( back in the day, it was ATI + AMD FTW!) Mac started crawling up in there and the more I saw, the more I liked.

Either way, we went to one of the two places that back then were the only authorized retailers of Macs. A place that goes by the name of Modernica. They did not have the Power Books with bluetooth because of ‘export concerns’. They took 3 weeks to get the Power Book after my friend ordered it, and even then, it was the past generation model. Is Apple to blame?

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