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A Total Prick

Bobby Kotick is a great CEO, Activision should be proud. The only thing on his mind is how to squeeze the last bit of money out of every franchise in his company’s possession. In fact if he had a tagline, it would be “milk it”. In doing this, however, he sucks the enjoyment out of video games. It seems like every next version of whatever franchise they’re pimping doesn’t really get enough gestation time and the products end up being half-baked ideas of something that will most likely finally be completed next year, in the next iteration.

Oh and he himself confesses, he does not play video games.
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Nyko Frontman Guitar on PS3 Connection Glitch Fix

A few months ago Amazon had a sale on PS3 controllers and I got two Nyko Frontband guitars. They’ve been sitting in my closet since then and this week we decided to finally take the plunge and buy a game (Rock Band 2).

Well, this has sucked.

In Rock Band mode the guitars just keep pressing X (green) in turbo mode, making it impossible to control the game. After some searching around it seems like this is an issue with Rock Band 2 and the way to fix it is to set the controller to Guitar Hero mode.

Now for the fun part, apparently firmware 3.10 broke the controllers. Well it didnt break them, it just made them not get their connection straight.

To fix this I made sure I had one Dual Shock taking slot 1. Then I proceeded to plug in the ‘footpedal’ in Rock Band mode, this should make the controller turn Blue. Then you need to go into Guitar Hero mode and hopefully it keeps the Blue light when it auto-adjusts. If it doesn’t then you need to keep turning the knob back to Rock Band and re-syncing until you do get the Blue light and then go into Guitar Hero mode.

This might take a few tries. Have patience. It sucks, I know!

Some have suggested using two Dual-Shocks so that the guitar is actually controller 3. This worked for me as well but i didn’t have any better luck than with just the one controller.

What if I have 2 Nyko Frontman guitars?

Its the same process for both I did one guitar first, and then the other (Blue and then Orange). It has been taking me like 10 minutes to get them to sync correctly, but once i do, they just work.

This is not the nicest of solutions, and I am honestly quite annoyed by this situation but the guitars work and I got the game for cheap. I’ll search around tonight and update this post if I find any better solutions.

UPDATE (11/29/2009) :

If the controllers come up SOLID RED in Guitar Hero mode, turn the knob back and forth (to Rock Band and then back to Guitar Hero) this will toggle the controller and make it try and find a new open channel. Wait for it to go to a new solid color, if it goes red again just turn the knob once more, repeat this until you get a different color. Its really not a pretty solution. *sigh*

Guitar Hero Overload

While I know that I have not been updating that often because of my apartment move and other personal crazy things that have been going on, I thought this was worth a mention.

While there are only 3 Rock Band SKUs in the horizon there seem to be atleast 5 billion Guitar Hero SKUs. I think I know which of the two franchises is following through on the whole ‘platform’ thing.


Lego Rock Band sounds cool but it was not what called my attention, it was all that orange.

Original Source: Joystiq

Rock Band, Guitar Hero & The Future of Music Games

A co-worker today was all excited because her husband got her a Wii for her birthday. I of course proceded to rant against the Wii for the next half hour and completely made her wish she had not mentioned the thing to begin with. I’m very sorry I did this, but it is sadly how I feel. Casual games are taking away budgets from “real” games and are making the overall gaming panorama worse for everybody involved.

With that said, I feel that I have not talked much about a little phenomenon that has been going on for the last two years. Guitar Hero and it’s latest (greatest) competitor Rock Band. If you haven’t heard of these games I really think you are better off and I wont worry about mentioning them to you. Odds are you have so here is my take on them. Enjoy them while you can, pick the one you like the most, forget about the ‘competition’. If you have not bought a game yet, wait until they really make an announcement on it.

Activision and Harmonix will try their best to ruin this genre for everyone by releasing more and more SKUs and while Harmonix has been calling RockBand a ‘platform’ all this time I really don’t see it. Yet.

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