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Hulu moving to Subscriptions in 2010

You know, I never really warmed up to Hulu. Something never really felt right about it. Perhaps that it was owned by the big media corporations who have no idea what they’re doing. Maybe that one of those corporations is News Corp. Maybe, just maybe, its that their model of trying to take everything and keeping it in house always seemed like a step towards being locked down and not the other way around.

Oh well. Thanks for playing, Hulu. Enjoy obsolescence.

Source: Gizmodo

The Trek Project

In the following weeks you’ll start seeing a lot of Star Trek in my queue and there’s an explanation for that. The other day I was reading the local feed here in Denver on Twinkle (Twitter+Location) and a guy (Nick) was talking about a new project he was starting.

I decided to @reply Nick and tell him I would be joining him in this journey. Watching Star Trek ( The Original Series ) in order of air date. He just posted he was going to start this week if you want to follow along, he just posted this week’s episodes on the project’s website.


TechTV is dead; Long live TechTV

G4 recently changed what their name stood for. It originally meant the four generations of video games that we have been through (text, sprites, polygons and textures), now it means Games, Gear, Gadgets and Gigabytes. This change expresses a primordial problem with the network, it’s demographic is too limited. I don’t want to be watching people playing video games, I want to play video games. I watch professional football because I can’t just decide to play professional football one night. I can however turn on my PS3… and I do.

So what do you do then? Well, turns out they had it right the first time around, when they merged with TechTV and became G4TechTV. I would watch The Screensavers all the time. I love that they had Call for Help helping with people’s questions live on the air, I found it so interesting and so educational that even though I’d rather be doing something else, I would sit down and tune to it, or I would just have it in the background… More than ESPN even.

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