Video Game Advertising on the PS3 Sucks

A few days ago I upgraded to firmware 3.0 on my Playstation 3 and I must say while I enjoy the new trophy features I »

LittleBigPlanet has LittleBig Server Issues

It’s really a shame that the servers had to be brought down two days ago (a day after going up) and now they appear to »

TechTV is dead; Long live TechTV

G4 recently changed what their name stood for. It originally meant the four generations of video games that we have been through (text, sprites, polygons and »

Little Big Planet will ruin my life

Back in 2002 when GTA III was released, I had to drop out of that semester of college. I got so involved in it. I kept »

My Burnout Paradise Seems To Be Glitched

It’s no secret that I have been spending probably more time than I should playing Burnout Paradise. I am really happy with this game. It’ »