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Video Game Advertising on the PS3 Sucks

A few days ago I upgraded to firmware 3.0 on my Playstation 3 and I must say while I enjoy the new trophy features I am really saddened by what I have lost. What I have lost, is a clean interface. The PS3 now has a ‘Playstation Store’ icon in every part of the XMB, it is actually quite horrible that they took the opportunity to do this without even giving people the option to turn it off like they did back when the original ‘information bar’ was added a few updates ago.

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LittleBigPlanet has LittleBig Server Issues

It’s really a shame that the servers had to be brought down two days ago (a day after going up) and now they appear to be down again, because I have really been enjoying the online components of LittleBigPlanet. I have been playing through the story mode with my girlfriend and she’s quite into it, not all games do that. My main complaint, for some reason the controls seem to be a bit looser, and don’t keep the presicion that they kind of force you to have in some levels. These levels are really hard, way harder than I ever imagined MediaMolecule to want to add to the game.

With that said if you have a PS3, you should go get LittleBigPlanet right now. The rest of us who already have the game need to be talking about what we will create once the servers are back up. Yes, seriously because playing through the Canyon levels was just way too much fun and I’m afraid we need more online content to bring the servers down again. :)

<3 Sack-Morouxshi

TechTV is dead; Long live TechTV

G4 recently changed what their name stood for. It originally meant the four generations of video games that we have been through (text, sprites, polygons and textures), now it means Games, Gear, Gadgets and Gigabytes. This change expresses a primordial problem with the network, it’s demographic is too limited. I don’t want to be watching people playing video games, I want to play video games. I watch professional football because I can’t just decide to play professional football one night. I can however turn on my PS3… and I do.

So what do you do then? Well, turns out they had it right the first time around, when they merged with TechTV and became G4TechTV. I would watch The Screensavers all the time. I love that they had Call for Help helping with people’s questions live on the air, I found it so interesting and so educational that even though I’d rather be doing something else, I would sit down and tune to it, or I would just have it in the background… More than ESPN even.

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Little Big Planet will ruin my life

Back in 2002 when GTA III was released, I had to drop out of that semester of college. I got so involved in it. I kept telling myself, ‘what will one more mission hurt?’ A lot, turns out. No game has really gotten me that involved in it that there is nothing I would rather be doing or that everything else stops the second I get involved with it. That is until last night, when I got into the Little Big Planet beta. If I lose my job in the next few weeks. You can blame this game.

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My Burnout Paradise Seems To Be Glitched

It’s no secret that I have been spending probably more time than I should playing Burnout Paradise. I am really happy with this game. It’s, interesting, has a great sense of speed to it and the crashes never get old. The last few days however, I have been trying to get the Carbon Cars which require me to get all the Smashes, Billboards and Jumps.

Last night I got all my Billboards, but I didn’t. There is one missing billboard in Palm Bay Heights, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Worse still, I went around and re-smashed all 20 of them and have still not been able to get it.

Has anybody else seen this? I will re-smash them all again tonight just to be thorough, kind of annoying though.

Update: Went through all of them again, and this time I got them all. Now to find the smashes and that last jump.

What makes a video game a classic?

Last weekend in the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational there was an announcement. An announcement that we had been waiting for for about 7 years. 2001, thats when Diablo II: Lord of Destruction was released. The game has never ceased to be played around the clock on Blizzard’s Battle.net. Blizzard is a strange company though. All of their current properties are hits. World of Warcraft alone can probably buy out a small country if they feel like it.

Just the announcement of Diablo III boosted the sales of the Diablo II battlechest to the top of the Amazon.com sales charts. Incredible what a press release can do. I was amongst one of those people who immediately went out and picked it up fromm my local GameStop (this is the third time I purchase Diablo II… always make sure you take your games with you if you move >.>). As the screenshot shows, I am quite happy playing with my Lv 6 Amazoness. How does this make any sense? I have a PS3 and have beaten MGS4 3 times…

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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Niko headed to San Andreas?

When you finish the Grand Theft Auto IV storyline, you get access to ‘The Story Gang’ within Rockstar’s Social Club if you move around tall the papers you’ll see a plane ticket on Air Sol.

San Andreas Plane ticket GTAIV

The ticket reads:

From: Liberty City
To: San Andreas

MR Niko Bellic

If you remember from Grand Theft Auto III, there were billboards that read “See you in Vice City” which apparently foreshadowed where the series was going next. Is this the same?

Tales from the Liberty Tree

I thought I should share this story on here since it was really fun. As you all know Grand Theft Auto 4 features drunk vision. When you’re drunk everything is blurry controls are borderline impossible and you cant really lock on a target, be it hand-to-hand or with a weapon, I cant seem to be able to take out my weapon either.

Niko’s cousin in the game Roman calls me and asks me to go drinking, I agree, since his likeness for me is at 92% and I think this will get him to an even 100%. We go to Vlad’s bar Comrades over in Hove Beach, South Broker. So far, so good. He is telling me about how we’re going to make it and we’re going to take over the city when a group of guys that were outside the bar when we come out, Roman trips and falls over on them. They were already saying how they did not like us being around there, they start punching us.

I try to run away, but I am so drunk I just end up tripping over and over. They keep punching us, my life falls to just a sliver and then I hear gun shots… I thought that was it, and I’d have to pay the 10k~ to get out of the hospital.

I was wrong. It was Liberty City’s Finest chasing after and shooting at the guys who jumped us. In the commotion cars started going all crazy people started abandoning their cars, and one of these cars hit the Cognoscenti I was driving a little bit too hard (It was pretty beat up to begin with). It catches fire.

I stumble as fast as I can across to the diner and just as I get the cut-scene that I made it in. BOOM! The Cognoscenti explodes.

Once we got out, and I am no longer dying thanks to the food from the diner, I see this parked right next to where my Cognoscenti exploded.

Aftermath of Cognoscenti explotion

I wish that driver luck considering the paint was not scratched but her back wheelbase is no longer there either.