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I officially moved Morouxshi.com from HostGator to SliceHost this morning. If you see anything working strangely that would be why. Please let me know if that happens, I’ll update it.

For those of you who dont know SliceHost is a Virtual Private Server hosting company that allows you full root access to a ‘slice’ and guarantees CPU time. This change was a long time comming and you’ll see the reason for it in the next few weeks ;)

Changes coming

I have heard your problems when using smaller screens that the ad to the left makes the post unreadable, I have a solution and it will be implemented soon. Additionally, the site should now be updating Twitter every time there’s a new post.

I am also going to start a ‘projects’ page, so that people can see what it is that I am talking about instead of me having to explain it to them one by one. The promised coding tutorials are also on the way. I’ll update you guys soon on the progress.

Morouxshi v4 (aka 2009) – now kind of live

Every few years I get tired of a design or I just decide that what I want to do with the site is going somewhere that the current design is really not allowing me to do. This is one of those times.

My old design was niceĀ  but it was constricting and did not really allow me to move in any direction that I wanted. I wanted to bring in my feeds from around the internet in an easier manner. I wanted to be able to provide readers with more insight into everything that really goes on, so that when I randomly write a rant about a subject they wouldn’t be caught off guard.

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Akronym – MiWiken – ImThere

I got the email yesterday and i let it sit for a while. Now I am ready to post my thoughts and have the world know about this.

A few years ago I was working with ModWorks Group, we worked with project such as Deskmod, PixelAttic and ModBlog and we also had a webdesign company called Ramped. I was happy there even if i was the last one to find out about anything. I was living in Iowa and I was a hermit, I never really go out anyways but in Iowa State I’d randomly take walks with friends around campus and what not, i had some freedoms i never had before. Continue reading