Tales from the Liberty Tree

· 5 min read
I thought I should share this story on here since it was really fun. As you all know Grand Theft Auto 4 features drunk vision. When you're drunk everything is blurry controls are borderline impossible and you cant really lock on a target, be it hand-to-hand or with a weapon, I cant seem to be able to take out my weapon either. Niko's cousin in the game Roman calls me and asks me to go drinking, I agree, since his likeness for me is at 92% and I think this will get him to an even 100%. We go to Vlad's bar Comrades over in Hove Beach, South Broker. So far, so good. He is telling me about how we're going to make it and we're going to take over the city when a group of guys that were outside the bar when we come out, Roman trips and falls over on them. They were already saying how they did not like us being around there, they start punching us. I try to run away, but I am so drunk I just end up tripping over and over. They keep punching us, my life falls to just a sliver and then I hear gun shots... I thought that was it, and I'd have to pay the 10k~ to get out of the hospital. I was wrong. It was Liberty City's Finest chasing after and shooting at the guys who jumped us. In the commotion cars started going all crazy people started abandoning their cars, and one of these cars hit the Cognoscenti I was driving a little bit too hard (It was pretty beat up to begin with). It catches fire. I stumble as fast as I can across to the diner and just as I get the cut-scene that I made it in. BOOM! The Cognoscenti explodes. Once we got out, and I am no longer dying thanks to the food from the diner, I see this parked right next to where my Cognoscenti exploded. Aftermath of Cognoscenti explotion I wish that driver luck considering the paint was not scratched but her back wheelbase is no longer there either.