MediaDefender, The Internet's Nemesis

· 5 min read
The following are my opinions, and only mine. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a shit. Media Defender is fucking evil. It is the lowest form of scum and while I believe it is impossible for me to not use any products by a company that is not associated with them, I will surely try. Media Defender, have been involved in a few scandals in recent years. All involving your privacy and your net neutrality. They are dirty bastards that go so far as to enter users in entrapment ( Luckily the community has not been standing still and have been keeping track for a while, including a ton of emails that leaked and a phone conversation that leaked detailing their operations and how they plan on tracking YOU and tangling YOU in their web of deceit on behalf of the media corporations. In fact, I think the worst part about Media Defender is not that they are dirty bastards, It is not that they are tarnishing the internet they are set to 'defend' and it is not that Randy Saaf ( CEO of Media Defender) is a complete and total tool and a hypocrite with quotes like “The easiest way to disrupt a mass distribution system is to put out a lot of phony files, You create decoys. We do this on a massive scale with our own proprietary software. That’s one of a suite of technologies that we provide.” (This is from his wikipedia entry, sources available there.) The worst part is that they think they are in the right, and their best solution for all this is to simply, change their name. *catches breath* This article is a ping-back to Revision3's own struggle with MediaDefender. If you are unfamiliar with Revision3, they are a podcasting company with a ton of great shows between which are Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show . MediaDefender, while they claim it was not intentional, brought down Revision3's servers over the weekend. You see, to MediaDefender, Bit-Torrent is not a protocol for transferring large files, it is a tool of copyright infringement. Anyways, checkout Revision3, and read their blog post about the whole incident. I hope the FBI nails MediaDefender once and for all. I will talk about my stance on p2p, DRM and the state of media in a future post, for now here are a few links for your enjoyment Randy Saaf Arrested Ars Technica article Wikipedia article