The Things in your Pants

· 5 min read
We've all been there. Trying to do things and not knowing where to start. Last year we got two different things to help us do these things a bit more efficiently. The first one was the iPhone. I will not give you the rundown on why the iPhone is great, but it is responsible for quite a big wakeup call to all mobile carriers and manufacturers. It is the main reason why I think Android will do great, I will discuss this in a future post. The other thing that helped me late last year was the release of a simple application for my mac. The application is called Things.

Things is in public beta right now and there are updates at least once every two weeks. It is made by the guys from Cultured Code. Things is just a simple task manager / to do list, and in that is its brilliance. It doesn't take the liberties that other software in the space has taken that try to organize everything in your life, like Bento or Jojimbo. It is just a to-do list, and a powerful one at that. As exited as I am for Things, there is one thing that has me even more exited. Things is being added to the iPhone. I really cannot say enough good things about this and how happy it makes me. There is just something about some companies, like Cultured Code, that follow the mac philosophy into their software. It just works better. I suggest you go over there and give it a read the design process is a beautiful thing to see on paper.