I think I'm in Heaven Eden

· 5 min read
Well its been about a week or so since my last post and I really hate not posting something that is incredibly mind blowing but honestly, work has been really rough on me this week. Then I have a few projects cooking so my free time is full with those. Luckily Pixel Junk Eden was released on Thursday and that has gotten me a nice refreshing view of things. You go around trying to find specters in every 'garden'. To get to the specters though, you need to destroy the passing flowers to get the pollen to fill up the new seeds so they can sprout when you jump to them. I am enjoying it quite a bit. Oh, and it allows you to record the gameplay, and upload it to YouTube right from the game itself, although I wish it was a bit better quality. Here's me sucking the first time I go into garden 3