Fix for iPhone Application Error 0xE800002E

· 5 min read
According to various online sources the best way to do fix this is to:
    Go to the Applications tab in your iPhone / iPod TouchDeselect the problematic applicationSync the device (this will remove the device and all its data)Re-Select the application in iTunesSync the device (this will install the application again)
The main problem with that approach is that it deletes all the information about the application from the iPhone. This is unacceptable.
This is what Pangea Software has to say about it:
There appears to be a bug in Apple's App Store updater where installing an update to an app will randomly delete the existing App's data files. In the case of Enigmo, this will cause your saved games to get deleted. This problem appears to be rare, but it does affect many people. So, you should be backing up your iPhone with iTunes, and if this happens you can restore it so you won't lose your saved games.
If there is one thing that upsets me more than losing my saved games, is having to restore the whole device in order to retrieve saved games. This happens with all applications, if you had the LinkedIn application you will have to give it your information again, if you had Aurora Feint, you have to watch that dumb movie that is most likely the reason why its 25 MB to begin with and then start over from training level. I have an Aurora Feint account but for some reason last time I updated and had to delete the application, when I logged back into the account, my level was reset. Apple needs to step up to the plate and fix this 'unknown error'. In fact, they don't even have to fix it, they just have to ask us if we want to delete the application and its data, or just the application, not just delete everything. That would be enough. If my PSP or DS erased game saves randomly they would not be considered real gaming machines, they'd be considered toys. If Apple is serious about entering the mobile gaming device market, they need to make sure that their hardware/software performs up to PSP/DS standards. Now to re-level Aurora Feint.