Sony needs to add Netflix/BlockBuster Streaming to PS3 or TFSU

· 5 min read
Sony's continued ramblings about how they are giving people more 'choice' by not allowing them to stream movies from Netflix (or Blockbuster, or Amazon... or ANYWHERE) is starting to piss me off. I mean, yes, they've made the web browser on the system not be the most terrible thing ever to watch Hulu and other Flash based video sites on it, but its just not the same. This last article is exactly what I'm talking about. Sony needs to stop pretending like they know whats best for everyone and start listening to what the people are saying. If we want Netflix streaming... give us Netflix streaming. It is of no cost to you, and I already have a Netflix account. How else do you think I would be watching the Blu-Ray movies you say I should be watching? Buying them at $35 bucks a pop? RIIIIIIIIIGGGHHTTT.... Why is there no video podcast download function in the PS3? If I could get home and just sit on my couch and watch TekZilla it'd be awesome. This is something the PS3 -can do- right now, yet they are not letting it do it. They are concentrating on selling us movies through the PSN video store that are DRMed to hell and therefore useless unless you plan on only watching them on your PS3 or PSP. Yes, they wont play on your iPhone, so sorry. If Sony figures out that the future is in open DRM standards and interoperability (or no DRM at all) and on accessibility to all the forms of entertainment that there are available and not just to your walled garden. IF they figure this out before Microsoft does, the PS3 has a fighting chance. Sony needs to give us everything. Talk to the PlayOn guys and get half those streams on the PS3. Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon Video On Demand. Give us choice by having too many choices, not by 'selecting between the movies on the video store'. As long as they do not give us all the options that there are out there for video delivery, not because of software/hardware limitations but because it is a business desicion to try and force you to buy videos through their store, they need to The Fuck Shut Up. They are defending themselves by claiming that the consumer (which already spent more than enough money in their over-priced box) would not want to use the subscriptions he/she has already and would prefer to spend more money in the solutions that Sony deems worthy. This is foolish and I'd rather if they just said nothing, and started talking about all the great exclusive games they are getting to the platform instead of these media choices. Exclusive games like Tekken, Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone 2.