The PR TLD is $1,000 per year

· 5 min read
This is not really news. I just wanted to point out that if you wanted to have a pretty little .pr domain you'd have to shell out $1,000 USD. I understand full well that this is either a measure to try and keep domainers out or to make a (very large) profit. It's shit like this that hurts the growth of the industry in Puerto Rico however, since they cant even get access to their own TLD which would make it so that they can get something and specify that its from Puerto Rico. If you want a they sell those for $100 first time and $50/year afterwards which is still a bit pricey. If they are afraid about domainers they can setup a rule where you can only apply by going to the office in person and they have to have a presence in the island. There's ways to get this without hurting the industry and individuals that might be interested on this domain. If you notice however, they have a $6.95 3rd level domain available as well '' so if you wanted the domain name 'sewing' youd get '' for $6.95 per year, except you can't because "Only government agencies in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico" may request for those. I have a site that would really benefit from a .pr domain name. I will not be paying that amount of money for it though. I even pay about $40 per year for my .pe and I did it without even thinking about it. For more info on the overpriced TLD visit I want to find examples of .pr domains I know... other than and,  I don't know any.  High fives all around!