Growl and Dock Badges for Google Voice on Fluid

As some of you know I have been enjoying free calls and sms since Google re-opened its VoIP solution Grand Central under the new name Google Voice.

Since there is no native iPhone application yet and the one I have seen only offers half the functionality I opted for managing it on my Mac since Im at work most of the time anyways.

I created a new Fluid App by pointing it to: https://google.com/voice/

For the icon I used this flickr link:

Google Voice Icon

Then you just follow these steps to add notifications:

  1. Download the script here.
  2. Open up the application you created.
  3. Select open scripts directory from the scripts menu.
  4. Drop my script into that folder.
  5. Select Refresh Scripts from the scripts menu.
  6. Click on Notifications in thr scripts menu so theres a checkmark next to it.
  7. Quit and Re-launch the Google Voice app

You can get the script here: userscripts.org

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please post a comment!

Legal:I'm distributing this piece of code as is and I am not responsible for any damage it causes to your system. But lets face it, its a few lines of javascript, youd need to mess up pretty bad for it to do anything other than to fail to execute. I'm releasing this under the Creative Commons Free, Attribution, Share-Alike license.

Update (09/03/09):

Google changed its code and the script stopped working. This has been fixed. I have not had time to really work on this as I'd like but I figured I owed you guys this quick fix. The new version is on userscripts now.

Update (08/26/22):

Not that anybody is using this anymore, but I am trying to consolidate and I have therefore shared this as a gist on github.