Five Stars : 500 Days of Summer

· 5 min read
Please, please, please, let me get what I want.That is the song that Tom plays as Summer walks by his desk trying to call her attention to him. I remember being young and playing a song to try and peak the interest of somebody as well. I fell in love with this movie since the second it started and Tom shows how completely head-over heels he is. If you wanted to know, the song I played was Semisonic's Secret Smile. Starting from the first minute of this movie the narrator tells us that this is not a love story. He is quite serious. This movie is about how no matter how great you think you are, or how much you try if the things are not right they are just not going to work out. Its such a cute, wonderful, quirky film that I can identify fully with just like "Away We Go", which I talked about a few posts ago. In fact this film has so much to say about friendships that it is quite unfair to call it a romantic comedy. The idea of unrequited love has been tackled by many this year. The biggest of these films was Hes Just Not That Into You which I felt was a complete cop-out. The two movies that dealt with friendships this year were "I Love You, Man" and "The Hangover" and neither of those really explored how friendships work (or dont, actually) between men and women. The exploration of how men relate to women, specially women who they are completely smitten by is worked so wonderfully in this film that you kind of have to laugh when you tell yourself 'I would totally do that, I am such an idiot'. Lets not say any differently though, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt make such a great couple. I was jealous the whole way through. The way I enjoyed this movie I have not enjoyed many, and how I mentioned that its genuinely funny? They don't have any cheap laughs they're all well placed and real. Ive tried to say as much as I could without giving away much, maybe this makes this post seem quite silly, just know that I pre-reserved my copy of the Blu-Ray before I left the theater. This movie will go next to my copy of "When Harry Met Sally" and "Say Anything" just in case I need to be reminded that all you need, is love.