First of the Rebels: Yelp sneaks Augmented Reality to App Store

· 5 min read
Screen shot 2009-08-27 at 9.43.43 PM Apple told everyone that they had to wait until 3.1 for Augmented Reality apps to be approved on the iPhone 3GS. Yelp, did it anyways in the form of an easter egg. I am so happy about this and at the same time I am having a very severe case of iPhone 3GS envy... I have convinced myself that I do not need the new phone because my 3G is good enough but it is just so cool to see these applications start to leak out. When Apple announces 3.1 (My bet is during the iPod event that's been rumored on 9.9.9) all of these little apps are going to take over. I mean remember three years ago when all of the talk was on Jeff Han's multitouch TED presentation? Then we got the iPhone and it became reality. Then the dream was to have applications to do everything from banking to gaming inside of your little-wonder device. That is now also true. Augmented Reality is just as big of a jump and we are getting right against it now. Source: Mashable