· 5 min read
Two days ago something funny happened. I setup on Pingdom, a service that routinely pings my site to let me know when there's possible down time. That night, as if I had signed up for a test DDoS to try out the service, the Apache threads ate through the ram on my server and started thrashing (writing to swap, therefore making everything super slow). Pingdom notified me of this and I kind of ignored it at first. The site was down twice that night. The first time for 1h 40m, the second for about 30 minutes. I personally stopped the server the second time as I configured a tighter memory allocation for Apache. It's been my first day with the monitoring turned on and it's already helped me identify a problem and alerted me to the first time that said problem has manifested itself. I'm going to set this up with a twist for the properties at work, I'm that impressed. Plans are $9.99/month for 5 sites or $39.99 for 30. Those two plans come with a seven day free trial. They also offer a single site solution for free, which is the one I am using. Sorry for the downtime, you can thank Pingdom for alerting me. If you want to check them out theyre over at