The Android Tablets (so far)

· 5 min read
The Galaxy Tab is $400 with a 2-year contract on Sprint, but what I liked was in the comments:
Ok ... how difficult is this really? Goal: Beat iPad and AT&T Plan A: Make a better Tablet than iPad and charge the same for hardware ($499) and slightly more for data (Verizon/Sprint plans for Galaxy). Plan B: Make a slightly inferior tablet than tha iPad but charge less for hardware ($399/$299) and data (10 GB/$40). Plan C: Make a significantly inferior tablet than the iPad and charge significantly less for hardware ($199) and/or data. Looks like Samsung and their partners are going with plan D: Make a tablet that is slightly smaller and slightly less attractive and runs an unsupported tablet-OS and costs almost as much as the lowest priced iPad 3G to purchase and to use. - b33g33
Problem seems to be they're trying to make specific devices for specific people, while Apple makes one device. You either like the device or you don't. So far, people like the device. Let's see how this pans out for Samsung though, people like low entry prices and ignore contracts.